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Vasona Light Rail Extension Project

map of Vasona Line

Project Overview

As proposed, the Vasona Corridor Project was envisioned extending 6.9 miles from downtown San Jose through Campbell to Los Gatos with nine stations and four Park & Ride lots.

Project Features

During the planning process it was decided to split the project into two phases. The first 5.3 mile portion opened for service in 2005 and extended light rail from downtown San Jose to the Winchester Station in Campbell. This line currently carries 3,400 daily riders and is included as the southern portion of “Line 902” in VTA service guides.

Phase Two of the project would extend tracks 1.6 miles further south along Winchester Boulevard to the north side of State Route 87 and would terminate at a station and Park & Ride Lot known as Vasona Junction. A second station, at Hacienda Avenue in Campbell, is also proposed. The extension has been environmentally cleared but never funded for design or construction.

In addition to the track extension and the two new stations, a number of system improvements to the existing line are included within the scope of Phase Two.
These include addressing station platform and track issues that make it difficult to fully integrate this segment into the larger VTA Light Rail system. All six stations south of the Diridon Station were built with two-car platforms, while all other stations within the VTA system accommodate three-car trains. These shorter platforms limit which trains can run on the line.

There are also two sections of “single track” that frequently delay service on the line because approaching trains often must wait until a train travelling in the opposite direction clears that section of track. These sections are located between the Diridon and Fruitvale stations and the Bascom and downtown Campbell stations. In addition, currently both the Race and Hamilton stations are constructed as single track stations and would have to be modified to accommodate dual tracks.

In addition, some current Park & Ride Lot facilities located in this section may need to be enlarged to meet current demand. Finally, Phase Two would also consider adding a new station near San Carlos Avenue between the existing Diridon and Race stations.

Project Status

At present, VTA has engaged a consulting firm to complete a Conceptual Engineering Services Study. It is due to be completed by late 2018.

The study is tasked with developing more detailed construction cost projections, plus provide conceptual engineering work that would help guide future design efforts, and also identifying right of way, utility and environmental needs.

Key among the identified issues to be examined is how to resolve the operational bottlenecks created by the two sections of single track. The study will explore the possibility of a temporal (time-based) separation to allow shared use of an adjacent Union Pacific track in order to operate a double track system for both existing single track sections and the extension from the Winchester to the new Vasona Junction stations.


The cost of design and right of way services is $40 million.
The construction cost for the project, which remains unfunded, is estimated to be $315 million.

Project Schedule and Milestones

The study is due to be completed in late 2018.

Environmental Process

VTA, in coordination with the Federal Transit Administration, has prepared a Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act and a Final Environmental Assessment (EA) in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act.  VTA encourages you to view the Final SEIR/EA document online.  You may download the document in its entirety or by individual chapters.

2000 Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report

How to Reach Us

For more information on the Vasona LRT Extension Project or existing bus and light rail transit services, call VTA Community Outreach at (408) 321-7575, TTY only (408) 321-2330.

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