Time Lapse Video Captures a Year of VTA's Milpitas and Berryessa Station Construction

See how VTA's BART Silicon Valley Extension has progressed in the past year at the first two stations to bring BART service to Santa Clara County.

VTA light rail train passes in front of Levi's Stadium

100 Days and Counting: VTA Presents Robust Service Plan for Levi’s Stadium

With 100 days left before the first event at Levi’s Stadium, VTA presented its plan for service to the Stadium, and it’s all about the numbers of buses, trains and people served.

Bay Checkerspot butterfly at Coyote Ridge

Butterfly Population Booms as Wildflowers Bloom on Coyote Ridge

This Earth Day, VTA looks to the hills for a lesson from the tiny Bay Checkerspot butterfly about the connection between transportation and Santa Clara Valley’s most vital ecosystems achieved through VTA's habitat conservation program.

In response to drought, VTA commits to cutting back on landscape watering

VTA Sustainability Report Highlights Efforts to Reduce Environmental Footprint

VTA's 2013 Sustainability Report showcases efforts the organization has made to reduce its usage of natural resources, reduce pollution and improve the environment as part of its Sustainability Program.

participants in the launch of Bay Area Bike Share in San Jose in 2013

State Issues Active Transportation Program Call for Projects

The state has issued a Call for Projects with a May 21 deadline for a new $360 million Active Transportation Program to fund bicycle and pedestrian projects throughout the state, including perhaps the ones you’d like to see in your community. Weigh in!

Banner image of light rail train passing Levi Stadium, which is under construction

Panoramic Photo Contest

Would you like to see your transit photography on VTA’s home page? Take a unique panoramic photo of VTAand it may become the banner that displays front-and-center at vta.org!

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Last update: 04/23/2014

Thai New Year Festival: Reroutes for lines 66, 68 and 82

Nihonmachi Run: Reroutes for Lines 12, 61 & 62

The “Great Race”: Reroutes for Lines 48 and 49

Bus Stop Relocation: Capitol Expressway at Ocala Avenue

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