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Real Estate

VTA’s Real Estate & Joint Development Department is responsible for acquisition, development, value creation, and management of VTA’s real estate assets, in five discrete units:
  • Advertising manages advertising on VTA vehicles including buses and light rail trains; transit centers, station platforms, and bus shelters; sponsorships and naming rights; and innovative digital media.

  • Asset Management oversees short- and long-term licenses and leases for use of VTA parking facilities and other properties, including telecommunications and all other uses.

  • Construction Access Permits (CAP) processes and issues permits for third party construction projects that affect VTA property or are within 10 feet of light rail lines.

  • Joint Development / Transit-Oriented Development negotiates long-term public-private partnerships for mixed-use and mixed-income transit-oriented development at VTA transit facilities.

  • Real Estate Acquisition for Capital Projects acquires real estate interests for VTA capital projects pursuant to federal and State laws, including negotiated purchases and eminent domain actions as needed.

  • Current Opportunities lists current Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Qualifications (RFQs), and properties available for licenses, leases and joint development.
For further inquiries, please contact VTA Real Estate & Joint Development at (408) 321-5777 or


The Real Estate Department at VTA provides effective and efficient real estate support to all stakeholders, while increasing the value of VTA real estate assets. In addition, the department functions as VTA liaison for issues with local, regional, State and Federal government jurisdictional plans that impact VTA real estate assets.

The Real Estate department is responsible for all real property and development for the entire agency, and consists of three specialized areas: asset management, capital projects, and joint development.  In addition, the department is charged with administering constructing permits and providing utility coordination.
  • The Property Management Group develops and executes short and long-range strategic plans for the ongoing management of VTA Property.
  • Joint Development identifies VTA’s revenue generating real estate assets, and implements a strategy for those assets best suited for joint development. Joint development also analyzes the portfolio of assets to determine if any assets are no longer necessary for the agency’s use and can be sold.
  • The Capital Projects Group  is responsible for the development, implementation, and close out of capital projects, including the appraisal, acquisition, and relocation assistance.
  • The Permits and Utility Locating Services Group is responsible for administering the VTA Permit Policy in order to protect and maintain VTA property.