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Development and Leasing

Development Opportunities

VTA has an extensive portfolio of real estate assets located throughout Santa Clara County. In order to provide appropriate stewardship of such assets, the VTA Board of Directors adopted a revised Joint Development Policy and Implementation Plan in April 2009. The goals of the Joint Development Policy, in priority order, are to: 1) generate revenue; 2) to carry out transit-oriented development; and 3) to increase ridership on VTA's transit multi-modal transit system.

The revised Joint Development Policy provides the appropriate framework to maximize the respective economic values of each real estate asset through consensus-driven, site-appropriate development that also increases transit ridership, creates vibrant community assets and enhances the long-term life of VTA’s facilities. In accordance with the revised policy framework, VTA's Joint Development Group ascertains which assets are suitable for development and provides the necessary groundwork and resources to engage in public/private partnerships.

Property Management Group

Operating within the Real Estate Department, the Property Management Group is responsible for the sound management of VTA’s extensive real estate inventory. The Property Management Group’s key responsibility is to function as a property manager for VTA’s assets. In this role, the group administers all of the real property agreements and ensures the maintenance and security of VTA properties. The Property Management Group is charged with processing all requests to utilize VTA property, such as yearly or monthly licenses and temporary special event licenses. The Property Management Group is also responsible for addressing all encroachment issues on VTA property.

Entering onto VTA-owned land or placing of data, utility or telecommunications equipment is not permitted without proper licensing. We receive requests from citizens, municipalities and companies that wish to access VTA owned land and these requests must be accompanied by a license/lease application. There is a cost to VTA to acquire and maintain such properties. Consequently, as a steward of public assets, VTA requires fair compensation to license or lease its properties.

‚ÄčIn order to request an application, please direct all Property Management inquiries to VTA Real Estate at (408) 321-5777 or