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Developer RFQs and RFPs

Tamien Station Joint Development RFP
Cerone Development Site RFQ

Properties For Sale

The following properties have been declared excess by the Board of Directors as excess/surplus property in March of 2010.

Map# Property Size Jurisdiction
30 Communications Hill & Highway 87 20,064 sf San Jose

Note: VTA has the legal authority to permanently dispose of certain real estate assets. The critical factor in making this decision is ascertaining the property is no longer necessary for the agency’s use.   Before the property can be sold to a private buyer, it must first be declared excess or surplus property in accordance with the Government Code surplus property provisions (Sections 54220 et seq.).  The statutory provisions also require the excess property to first be made available to certain public groups for sale or lease before offering them to sale to the general public for a 60-day period.

Telecommunications, Antenna and Equipment Leasing

Centered in one of the most high-tech regions in the country, Santa Clara County offers an ideal location for the installation and operation of telecommunication services. With more than 50 VTA properties to choose from, including light rail park and ride lots, Caltrain stations and other administrative / vacant sites, service providers can position their equipment in nearly every area of the County. To expedite the process, the VTA Board of Directors has approved standardized licensing agreement terms and rates. Entering onto VTA-owned land or placing of data, utility or telecommunications equipment is not permitted without proper licensing. We receive requests from citizens, municipalities and companies that wish access to VTA owned land and these requests must be accompanied by a telecommunication lease/license application. There is a cost to VTA to acquire and maintain such properties. Consequently, as a steward of public assets, VTA requires a fair compensation to license or lease its properties.

If you are interested in licensing, leasing or installing and operating wireless telecommunications facilities on properties owned by the VTA please contact Real Estate at (408) 321-5777 or