New Service Alert
Automated Service Alerts now Published for Canceled Trips
Brandi Childress

VTA continues to work to get more real-time information into the hands of riders. On days when we experience fewer drivers to operate planned service, we unfortunately have to cancel some trips. Understanding how big of an inconvenience this can be, it's imperative to communicate those challenges in the most timely way.

Now, riders who use the VTA-endorsed Transit app and will see new service alerts for canceled trips. These alerts are automatically published for every canceled trip to help the riders who would normally catch those buses.

You can see and subscribe to alerts for your routes in the Transit app. Users who want to receive alerts for specific lines should tap the "star" button in Transit to set a line as a favorite.

Please remember, if there’s no alert and you see real-time predictions for your trip, it’s not canceled.

We appreciate your patience when a service disruption impacts your day and would like to hear how this real-time information option is working for you. Customer Service representatives are standing by for trip planning and to get your feedback at (408) 321-2300.


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