VTA Real Estate Portfolio


Current Real Estate Development Opportunities

Below are the majority of VTA properties which are available for leasing, licensing, or joint development.

Each site link provides additional details about the respective property, including APN, size, and zoning.

Joint Development Opportunities

Map # Property Size Jurisdiction
1 Alder Station 3.4 acres Milpitas
2 Almaden Station 5.7 acres San Jose
3 Alum Rock Station 2.1 acres San Jose
4 Berryessa/North San Jose Transit Center 3.3 acres San Jose
5 Blossom Hill Station 7.6 acres San Jose
6 Branham Station 3.0 acres San Jose
7 Capitol Station 10.1 acres San Jose
8 Cerone 40 acres San Jose
9 Cottle Station 4.5 acres San Jose
10 Curtner Station 5.5 acres San Jose
11 Diridon Lot 1.5 acres San Jose
12 Evelyn 2.3 acres Mountain View
13 Gilroy 7.8 acres Gilroy
14 Hostetter Station 2.3 acres San Jose
15 Milpitas Transit Center 1.7 acres Milpitas
16 Morgan Hill 6.2 acres Morgan Hill
17 Ohlone / Chynoweth Station 2.7 acres San Jose
18 River Oaks 17.7 acres San Jose
19 San Martin 3.3 acres San Martin
20 Santa Clara 0.7 acres Santa Clara
21 Santa Teresa Station 34.8 acres San Jose
22 Snell Station 4.1 acres San Jose
23 Tamien Station 7 acres San Jose
24 VTA Block 3.7 acres San Jose
25 Winchester 1.6 acres Campbell

Properties For Sale

The following properties were declared excess by the Board of Directors as excess/surplus property in March of 2010.

Map # Property Size Jurisdiction
30 Communications Hill & Highway 87 20,064 sf San Jose
Property Disposal Process

VTA has the legal authority to permanently dispose of certain real estate assets. The critical factor in making this decision is ascertaining the property is no longer necessary for the agency’s use. 

Before the property can be sold to a private buyer, it must first be declared excess or surplus property in accordance with the Government Code surplus property provisions (Sections 54220 et seq.).

The statutory provisions also require the excess property to first be made available to certain public groups for sale or lease, before offering them for sale to the general public. In addition, federal disposition requirements may apply when the property was originally acquired with federal funds.

Real Estate Acquisition for Capital Projects

The delivery of capital projects in Santa Clara County is a critical function of VTA. These projects are complex and diverse, including transit improvement projects, highway improvement projects, and the Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Project.

Acquisition Process

This Department and VTA legal counsel, with assistance from consulting firms specializing in appraisal, acquisition, and relocation, procure all property rights needed for VTA’s various capital projects. All appraisal, acquisition and relocation activities follow the Federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 as amended, the California Government Code and the California Code of Regulations.

Please see our documentation on the process for Real Estate Acquisition for VTA Projects.

For further inquiries regarding the licensing, leasing, joint development opportunities, or installation and operation of wireless telecommunications facilities on properties owned by VTA, please contact the VTA Real Estate & Joint Development Department at (408) 321-5777 or real.estate@vta.org.