49ers vs. Green Bay Packers (Pre-Season) - 08/12/2022


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Light Rail Service

From Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa Snell Ohlone Chynoweth Capitol Tamien Conv Ctr Santa Clara Civic Ctr Metro Tasman Baypointe Levi's®
1:37p 1:41p 1:46p 1:49p 1:54p 2:00p 2:05p 2:12p 2:18p 2:28p 2:31p  
1:57p 2:01p 2:06p 2:09p 2:14p 2:20p 2:25p 2:32p 2:38p 2:48p 2:51p  
2:17p 2:21p 2:26p 2:29p 2:34p 2:40p 2:45p 2:52p 2:58p 3:08p 3:11p  
2:37p 2:41p 2:46p 2:49p 2:54p 3:00p 3:05p 3:12p 3:18p 3:28p 3:31p  
2:57p 3:01p 3:06p 3:09p 3:14p 3:20p 3:25p 3:32p 3:38p 3:48p 3:51p  
3:08p 3:12p 3:17p 3:20p 3:25p 3:31p 3:36p 3:43p 3:49p 3:59p   4:06p
3:17p 3:21p 3:26p 3:29p 3:34p 3:40p 3:45p 3:52p 3:58p 4:08p 4:11p  
3:37p 3:41p 3:46p 3:49p 3:54p 4:00p 4:05p 4:12p 4:18p 4:28p 4:31p  
3:57p 4:01p 4:06p 4:09p 4:14p 4:20p 4:25p 4:32p 4:38p 4:48p 4:51p  
4:07p 4:11p 4:16p 4:19p 4:24p 4:30p 4:35p 4:42p 4:48p 4:58p   5:05p
4:17p 4:21p 4:26p 4:29p 4:34p 4:40p 4:45p 4:52p 4:58p 5:08p 5:11p  
4:37p 4:41p 4:46p 4:49p 4:54p 5:00p 5:05p 5:12p 5:18p 5:28p 5:31p  
4:57p 5:01p 5:06p 5:09p 5:14p 5:20p 5:25p 5:32p 5:38p 5:48p 5:51p  
5:17p 5:21p 5:26p 5:29p 5:34p 5:40p 5:45p 5:52p 5:58p 6:08p 6:11p  
From Mountain View
Mtn. View Middlefield Lockheed  Fair Oaks Old Ironsides Levi's®
2:00p 2:05p 2:12p 2:17p 2:24p 2:26p
2:20p 2:25p 2:32p 2:37p 2:44p 2:46p
2:40p 2:45p 2:52p 2:57p 3:04p 3:06p
3:00p 3:05p 3:12p 3:17p 3:24p 3:26p
3:20p 3:25p 3:32p 3:37p 3:44p 3:46p
3:40p 3:45p 3:52p 3:57p 4:04p 4:06p
3:55p 4:00p 4:07p 4:12p 4:19p 4:21p
4:00p 4:05p 4:12p 4:17p 4:24p 4:26p
  Trip begins at Lockheed  4:27p 4:32p 4:39p 4:41p
4:20p 4:25p 4:32p 4:37p 4:44p 4:46p
4:34p 4:39p 4:46p 4:51p 4:58p 5:00p
4:40p 4:45p 4:52p 4:57p 5:04p 5:06p
  Trip begins at Lockheed  5:05p 5:10p 5:17p 5:19p
4:55p 5:00p 5:07p 5:12p 5:19p 5:21p
5:00p 5:05p 5:12p 5:17p 5:24p 5:26p
5:20p 5:25p 5:32p 5:37p 5:44p 5:46p
5:40p 5:45p 5:52p 5:57p 6:04p 6:06p
6:00p 6:05p 6:12p 6:17p 6:24p 6:26p
From Winchester
Winchester Bascom Fruitdale Diridon Station Convention Center Santa Clara  Civic Center Metro Tasman Levi's®
1:57p 2:02p 2:04p 2:09p 2:15p 2:20p 2:27p 2:33p 2:43p 2:50p
2:17p 2:22p 2:24p 2:29p 2:35p 2:40p 2:47p 2:53p 3:03p 3:10p
2:37p 2:42p 2:44p 2:49p 2:55p 3:00p 3:07p 3:13p 3:23p 3:30p
2:58p 3:03p 3:05p 3:10p 3:16p 3:21p 3:28p 3:34p 3:44p 3:51p
3:18p 3:23p 3:25p 3:30p 3:36p 3:41p 3:48p 3:54p 4:04p 4:11p
     Trip begins at Diridon  3:38p 3:44p 3:49p 3:56p 4:02p 4:12p 4:19p
3:38p 3:43p 3:45p 3:50p 3:56p 4:01p 4:08p 4:14p 4:24p 4:31p
     Trip begins at Diridon  4:03p 4:09p 4:14p 4:21p 4:27p 4:37p 4:44p
3:58p 4:03p 4:05p 4:10p 4:16p 4:21p 4:28p 4:34p 4:44p 4:51p
4:18p 4:23p 4:25p 4:30p 4:36p 4:41p 4:48p 4:54p 5:04p 5:11p
4:38p 4:43p 4:45p 4:50p 4:56p 5:01p 5:08p 5:14p 5:24p 5:31p
4:58p 5:03p 5:05p 5:10p 5:16p 5:21p 5:28p 5:34p 5:44p 5:51p
5:18p 5:23p 5:25p 5:30p 5:36p 5:41p 5:48p 5:54p 6:04p 6:11p
From Alum Rock
Alum Rock Hostetter Milpitas Station Baypointe Levi's®
1:51p 2:00p 2:04p 2:14p 2:22p
2:11p 2:20p 2:24p 2:34p 2:42p
2:31p 2:40p 2:44p 2:54p 3:02p
2:51p 3:00p 3:04p 3:14p 3:22p
3:10p 3:19p 3:23p 3:34p 3:42p
3:30p 3:39p 3:43p 3:54p 4:02p
3:40p 3:49p 3:53p 4:04p 4:12p
3:50p 3:59p 4:03p 4:14p 4:22p
4:10p 4:19p 4:23p 4:34p 4:42p
4:20p 4:29p 4:33p 4:44p 4:52p
4:30p 4:39p 4:43p 4:54p 5:02p
4:50p 4:59p 5:03p 5:14p 5:22p
5:10p 5:19p 5:23p 5:34p 5:42p
5:30p 5:39p 5:43p 5:54p 6:02p
5:50p 5:59p 6:03p 6:14p 6:22p


Return Service

Light rail return service will begin immediately following the event. Extra service runs up to an hour after the event ends. We encourage customers to make their way to their return stop location as soon as possible.


Bus Service

Route 55
Stelling & Stevens Creek De Anza & Homestead Sunnyvale-Saratoga & Fremont Sunnyvale & El Camino Sunnyvale T.C. Maude & Fair Oaks Lake-haven & Lawrence Old Ironsides & Tasman
2:00p 2:10p 2:19p 2:24p 2:29p 2:36p 2:48p 2:56p
2:30p 2:40p 2:44p 2:54p 2:59p 3:06p 3:18p 3:26p
3:02p 3:12p 3:16p 3:26p 3:31p 3:39p 3:52p 4:01p
3:25p 3:35p 3:39p 3:49p 3:54p 4:02p 4:15p 4:24p
3:50p 4:00p 4:04p 4:14p 4:19p 4:27p 4:40p 4:49p
4:15p 4:25p 4:29p 4:39p 4:44p 4:52p 5:05p 5:14p
4:45p 4:55p 4:59p 5:04p 5:09p 5:18p 5:31p 5:40p
5:15p 5:25p 5:29p 5:34p 5:39p 5:48p 6:01p 6:10p
Route 57
West Valley College Saratoga & Campbell Saratoga & Williams Kiely & Stevens Creek Kiely & El Camino Bowers & Scott Mission College Great America & Old Glory Old Ironsides & Tasman
2:11p 2:20p 2:26p 2:33p 2:42p 2:52p 2:57p 3:02p 3:06p
2:26p 2:35p 2:41p 2:48p 2:57p 3:07p 3:12p 3:17p 3:21p
2:40p 2:50p 2:56p 3:03p 3:12p 3:22p 3:27p 3:32p 3:36p
2:55p 3:05p 3:11p 3:18p 3:27p 3:37p 3:42p 3:47p 3:51p
3:10p 3:20p 3:26p 3:33p 3:42p 3:52p 3:57p 4:02p 4:06p
3:24p 3:34p 3:41p 3:48p 3:57p 4:07p 4:12p 4:17p 4:21p
3:39p 3:49p 3:56p 4:03p 4:12p 4:22p 4:27p 4:32p 4:36p
3:54p 4:04p 4:11p 4:18p 4:27p 4:37p 4:42p 4:47p 4:51p
4:09p 4:19p 4:26p 4:33p 4:42p 4:52p 4:57p 5:02p 5:06p
4:24p 4:34p 4:41p 4:48p 4:57p 5:07p 5:12p 5:17p 5:21p
4:39p 4:49p 4:56p 5:03p 5:12p 5:22p 5:27p 5:32p 5:36p
4:54p 5:04p 5:11p 5:18p 5:27p 5:37p 5:42p 5:47p 5:51p
5:09p 5:19p 5:26p 5:33p 5:42p 5:52p 5:57p 6:02p 6:06p
Route 59
Saratoga & Stevens Creek Winchester & Stevens Creek Washington & Newhall Santa Clara T.C. Scott & Space Park Mission College Great America & Old Glory Old Ironsides & Tasman
2:24p 2:30p 2:39p 2:46p 2:56p 3:05p 3:07p 3:11p
2:53p 2:59p 3:08p 3:15p 3:25p 3:34p 3:37p 3:41p
3:20p 3:27p 3:36p 3:44p 3:55p 4:04p 4:07p 4:11p
3:48p 3:55p 4:05p 4:13p 4:24p 4:34p 4:37p 4:41p
4:18p 4:25p 4:35p 4:43p 4:54p 5:04p 5:07p 5:11p
4:49p 4:56p 5:05p 5:13p 5:24p 5:34p 5:37p 5:41p
5:19p 5:26p 5:35p 5:43p 5:54p 6:04p 6:07p 6:11p



Return Service

Bus return service will begin immediately following the event. Extra service runs up to an hour after the event ends. We encourage customers to make their way to their return stop location as soon as possible.

Learn more about taking VTA to Levi's Stadium.