49ers vs New York Giants - 9/21/2023

Levi's Stadium
4900 Marie P DeBartolo Way
Santa Clara

Attending the Concert at Levi's is simple, know before you go:

1. Find where to board - view maps

2. Plan your schedule - schedules below

3. Buy your ticket - fare information

Learn more about taking VTA to Levi’s Stadium.

Light Rail Service

From Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa Snell Ohlone Chynoweth Capitol Tamien Conv Ctr Santa Clara Civic Ctr Metro Tasman Baypointe Levi's®
              Trip begins at Gish 1:56p 2:06p   2:13p
1:19p 1:23p 1:28p 1:31p 1:36p 1:42p 1:47p 1:54p 2:00p 2:09p 2:11p  ***
1:34p 1:38p 1:43p 1:46p 1:51p 1:57p 2:02p 2:09p 2:15p 2:24p 2:26p  ***
              Trip begins at Gish 2:26p 2:36p   2:43p
1:49p 1:53p 1:58p 2:01p 2:06p 2:12p 2:17p 2:24p 2:30p 2:39p 2:41p  ***
2:04p 2:08p 2:13p 2:16p 2:21p 2:27p 2:32p 2:39p 2:45p 2:54p 2:56p  ***
2:19p 2:23p 2:28p 2:31p 2:36p 2:42p 2:47p 2:54p 3:00p 3:09p 3:11p  ***
2:33p 2:37p 2:42p 2:45p 2:50p 2:56p 3:01p 3:08p 3:14p 3:24p 3:26p  ***
2:48p 2:52p 2:57p 3:00p 3:05p 3:11p 3:16p 3:23p 3:29p 3:39p 3:41p  ***
2:56p 3:01p 3:07p 3:11p 3:16p 3:23p 3:28p 3:35p 3:41p 3:52p   3:59p
3:04p 3:08p 3:13p 3:16p 3:21p 3:27p 3:32p 3:39p 3:45p 3:55p 3:57p  ***
3:17p 3:21p 3:26p 3:29p 3:34p 3:41p 3:46p 3:53p 3:59p 4:10p 4:12p  ***
3:32p 3:36p 3:41p 3:44p 3:49p 3:56p 4:01p 4:08p 4:14p 4:25p 4:27p *** 
3:47p 3:51p 3:56p 3:59p 4:04p 4:11p 4:16p 4:23p 4:29p 4:40p 4:42p  ***
3:56p 4:01p 4:07p 4:11p 4:16p 4:23p 4:28p 4:35p 4:41p 4:52p   4:59p
4:02p 4:06p 4:11p 4:14p 4:19p 4:26p 4:31p 4:38p 4:44p 4:55p 4:57p  ***
4:17p 4:21p 4:26p 4:29p 4:34p 4:41p 4:46p 4:53p 4:59p 5:10p 5:12p  ***
4:31p 4:35p 4:40p 4:43p 4:48p 4:55p 5:00p 5:07p 5:13p 5:24p 5:26p  ***
4:46p 4:50p 4:55p 4:58p 5:03p 5:10p 5:15p 5:22p 5:28p 5:39p 5:41p  ***

Highlighted trips are Direct Train from Santa Teresa to Levi's®

***Must Transfer to trains coming from Winchester line to Levi's®*** (transfer at any station between Convention Ctr. and Tasman) or Transfer to the Orange Line at Baypointe***

From Mountain View
Mtn. View Middlefield  Lockheed Fair Oaks Old Ironsides Levi's®
1:38p 1:44p 1:51p 1:57p 2:04p 2:06p
1:53p 1:59p 2:06p 2:12p 2:19p 2:21p
2:08p 2:14p 2:21p 2:27p 2:34p 2:36p
2:23p 2:29p 2:36p 2:42p 2:49p 2:51p
2:38p 2:44p 2:51p 2:57p 3:04p 3:06p
2:53p 2:59p 3:06p 3:12p 3:19p 3:21p
3:00p 3:06p 3:13p 3:19p 3:26p 3:28p
3:08p 3:14p 3:21p 3:27p 3:34p 3:36p
3:24p 3:30p 3:37p 3:43p 3:50p 3:52p
3:30p 3:36p 3:43p 3:49p 3:56p 3:58p
3:39p 3:45p 3:52p 3:58p 4:05p 4:07p
3:54p 4:00p 4:07p 4:13p 4:20p 4:22p
4:00p 4:06p 4:13p 4:19p 4:26p 4:28p
4:09p 4:15p 4:22p 4:28p 4:35p 4:37p
4:24p 4:30p 4:37p 4:43p 4:50p 4:52p
4:30p 4:36p 4:43p 4:49p 4:56p 4:58p
4:39p 4:45p 4:52p 4:58p 5:05p 5:07p
4:44p 4:50p 4:57p 5:03p 5:10p 5:12p
4:53p 4:59p 5:06p 5:12p 5:19p 5:21p
5:02p 5:08p 5:15p 5:21p 5:28p 5:30p
5:08p 5:14p 5:21p 5:27p 5:34p 5:36p
5:23p 5:29p 5:36p 5:42p 5:49p 5:51p
5:38p 5:44p 5:51p 5:57p 6:04p 6:06p
From Winchester
Winchester Bascom Fruitdale Diridon Station Convention Center Santa Clara Civic Center Metro Tasman Levi's®
1:31p 1:37p 1:39p 1:44p 1:50p 1:55p 2:02p 2:08p 2:18p 2:25p
1:46p 1:52p 1:54p 1:59p 2:05p 2:10p 2:17p 2:23p 2:33p 2:40p
2:01p 2:07p 2:09p 2:14p 2:20p 2:25p 2:32p 2:38p 2:48p 2:55p
2:16p 2:22p 2:24p 2:29p 2:35p 2:40p 2:47p 2:53p 3:03p 3:10p
2:31p 2:37p 2:39p 2:44p 2:50p 2:55p 3:02p 3:08p 3:18p 3:25p
    Trip begins at Diridon 2:47p 2:53p 2:58p 3:05p 3:11p 3:22p 3:29p
2:46p 2:52p 2:54p 2:59p 3:05p 3:10p 3:17p 3:23p 3:33p 3:40p
3:01p 3:07p 3:09p 3:14p 3:20p 3:25p 3:32p 3:38p 3:48p 3:55p
3:16p 3:22p 3:24p 3:29p 3:35p 3:40p 3:47p 3:53p 4:04p 4:11p
3:31p 3:37p 3:39p 3:44p 3:50p 3:55p 4:02p 4:08p 4:19p 4:26p
    Trip begins at Diridon 3:47p 3:53p 3:58p 4:05p 4:11p 4:22p 4:29p
3:46p 3:52p 3:54p 3:59p 4:05p 4:10p 4:17p 4:23p 4:34p 4:41p
4:01p 4:07p 4:09p 4:14p 4:20p 4:25p 4:32p 4:38p 4:49p 4:56p
4:16p 4:22p 4:24p 4:29p 4:35p 4:40p 4:47p 4:53p 5:04p 5:11p
    Trip begins at Diridon 4:37p 4:43p 4:48p 4:55p 5:01p 5:12p 5:19p
4:31p 4:37p 4:39p 4:44p 4:50p 4:55p 5:02p 5:08p 5:19p 5:26p
4:45p 4:51p 4:53p 4:58p 5:04p 5:09p 5:16p 5:22p 5:33p 5:40p
5:00p 5:06p 5:08p 5:13p 5:19p 5:24p 5:31p 5:37p 5:48p 5:55p
From Alum Rock
Alum Rock Hostetter Milpitas Baypointe Levi's®
1:34p 1:44p 1:48p 1:59p 2:07p
1:49p 1:59p 2:03p 2:14p 2:22p
2:05p 2:14p 2:18p 2:29p 2:37p
2:20p 2:29p 2:33p 2:44p 2:52p
2:35p 2:44p 2:48p 2:59p 3:07p
2:43p 2:52p 2:56p 3:07p 3:15p
2:50p 2:59p 3:03p 3:14p 3:22p
3:05p 3:14p 3:18p 3:29p 3:37p
3:11p 3:20p 3:24p 3:35p 3:43p
3:20p 3:29p 3:33p 3:44p 3:52p
3:34p 3:44p 3:48p 4:00p 4:08p
3:43p 3:52p 3:56p 4:07p 4:15p
3:49p 3:59p 4:03p 4:15p 4:23p
4:04p 4:14p 4:18p 4:30p 4:38p
4:11p 4:21p 4:25p 4:37p 4:45p
4:19p 4:29p 4:33p 4:45p 4:53p
4:34p 4:44p 4:48p 5:00p 5:08p
4:41p 4:50p 4:54p 5:05p 5:13p
4:49p 4:59p 5:03p 5:15p 5:23p
5:04p 5:14p 5:18p 5:29p 5:37p
5:19p 5:29p 5:33p 5:44p 5:52p
5:34p 5:44p 5:48p 5:59p 6:07p


Return Service

Light rail return service will begin immediately following the event. Extra service runs up to an hour after the event ends. We encourage customers to make their way to their return stop location as soon as possible.

Bus Service

Route 55
Stelling & Stevens Creek De Anza & Homestead Sunnyvale-Saratoga & Fremont Sunnyvale & El Camino Sunnyvale T.C. Maude & Fair Oaks Lake-haven & Lawrence Old Ironsides & Tasman
1:30p 1:40p 1:49p 1:53p 1:59p 2:06p 2:18p 2:27p
2:00p 2:10p 2:19p 2:23p 2:29p 2:36p 2:48p 2:57p
2:30p 2:40p 2:49p 2:53p 2:59p 3:06p 3:18p 3:27p
2:59p 3:10p 3:21p 3:25p 3:31p 3:39p 3:52p 4:02p
3:24p 3:35p 3:45p 3:49p 3:55p 4:03p 4:15p 4:26p
3:49p 4:00p 4:10p 4:14p 4:20p 4:28p 4:40p 4:51p
4:14p 4:25p 4:34p 4:38p 4:44p 4:52p 5:05p 5:16p
4:41p 4:52p 4:56p 5:00p 5:07p 5:16p 5:29p 5:41p
Route 57
West Valley College Saratoga & Campbell Saratoga & Williams Kiely & Stevens Creek Kiely & El Camino Bowers & Scott Mission College Great America & Old Glory Old Ironsides & Tasman
2:05p 2:14p 2:20p 2:27p 2:35p 2:43p 2:48p 2:52p 2:56p
2:18p 2:28p 2:34p 2:42p 2:50p 2:58p 3:03p 3:07p 3:11p
2:32p 2:42p 2:48p 2:56p 3:04p 3:13p 3:18p 3:22p 3:26p
2:47p 2:57p 3:04p 3:12p 3:20p 3:29p 3:34p 3:38p 3:42p
3:02p 3:12p 3:19p 3:27p 3:35p 3:44p 3:49p 3:53p 3:57p
3:17p 3:27p 3:34p 3:42p 3:50p 3:59p 4:04p 4:08p 4:12p
3:30p 3:40p 3:47p 3:55p 4:04p 4:14p 4:19p 4:23p 4:27p
3:45p 3:55p 4:02p 4:10p 4:19p 4:29p 4:34p 4:38p 4:42p
4:00p 4:10p 4:17p 4:25p 4:34p 4:44p 4:49p 4:53p 4:57p
4:15p 4:25p 4:32p 4:40p 4:49p 4:59p 5:04p 5:08p 5:12p
4:30p 4:40p 4:47p 4:55p 5:04p 5:14p 5:19p 5:23p 5:27p
4:45p 4:56p 5:03p 5:10p 5:19p 5:29p 5:34p 5:38p 5:42p
5:01p 5:12p 5:19p 5:26p 5:35p 5:45p 5:50p 5:54p 5:58p
Route 59
Saratoga & Stevens Creek Winchester & Stevens Creek Washington & Newhall Santa Clara T.C. Scott & Space Park Mission College Great America & Old Glory Old Ironsides & Tasman
1:56p 2:02p 2:11p 2:18p 2:28p 2:37p 2:39p 2:43p
2:23p 2:30p 2:39p 2:46p 2:57p 3:07p 3:09p 3:13p
2:53p 3:00p 3:09p 3:16p 3:27p 3:37p 3:40p 3:44p
3:21p 3:28p 3:38p 3:45p 3:57p 4:07p 4:10p 4:14p
3:51p 3:58p 4:08p 4:15p 4:27p 4:37p 4:40p 4:44p
4:19p 4:26p 4:36p 4:43p 4:55p 5:06p 5:09p 5:13p
4:49p 4:56p 5:06p 5:13p 5:25p 5:36p 5:39p 5:43p
5:19p 5:26p 5:36p 5:43p 5:55p 6:06p 6:09p 6:13p


VTA Fare Information 

Clipper or Cash Fares

There are two ways you can set up a Clipper card:

Option 1 (in Apple Wallet):

On your iPhone (watch the video)YouTube, Opens in new window

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and press the plus “+” icon
  2. Select Transit Card
  3. Select “Clipper card” from the list and tap Continue
  4. Select the value amount to add and follow prompts to complete purchase (Note: This is the only way you will be able to add cash value to your phone in Apple Wallet)

On your Apple Watch

  1. Open the Wallet app on your Apple Watch
  2. Scroll down and tap Add Card
  3. Tap Transit Card to add a new Clipper card or tap Previous Card to add a Clipper card you previously added to the Wallet app
  4. Choose Clipper card from the list and tap Continue
  5. Choose an amount to put on the card and tap Add Money
  6. Follow the steps on the screen to confirm your purchase and add your Clipper card

Option 2 (in Google Wallet):

  1. Open the Google Wallet app or download it on Google Play
  2. Select "+ Add to Wallet"
  3. Tap "Transit Pass" and and select "San Francisco Bay Area, CA"
  4. Follow the instructions on your phone to add your Clipper card

Cash Fares On VTA

Fare Type Adult 19-64 Senior/Disabled Youth 5-18
Single Ride $2.50 $1.00 $1.25
8-Hour Light Rail Pass $5.00 $2.00 $2.50

* Buses accept cash (exact fare) if not using Clipper 
  Light Rail Ticket Vending Machines accept cash or card for passes if not using Clipper


Need Trip Planning Help?

VTA endorses the Transit app for trip planning, real-time information and service alerts.

Contact customer.service@vta.org or call (408) 321-2300 before your trip for a customized trip plan or any questions. VTA ambassador staff will be at key locations  pointing customers to their boarding locations and providing information.

Levi's Stadium Bag Policy

Please review the strict Levi's®​ Stadium Bag Policy before your trip for rules about what you can and can't bring into the stadium. Please note Levi's does not offer bag check.