Moffett Field/Ames Center - San Jose State University

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Reroute of Line 81 Eastbound and Westbound Due to Construction

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(Effective Date: July 01, 2019)

Don't see your stop listed? Plan to arrive at the stop at least five (5) minutes prior to the bus arrival time (all times are approximate).

Eastbound, Weekdays

North Akron & McCord (W)Castro & El Camino (S)El Camino Hospital (S)Stevens Creek & Foothill (E)Stelling & Stevens Creek (N)Stevens Creek & Miller (E)Homestead & Lawrence (E)Kiely & Benton (N)Santa Clara Transit Center (Bay 1)Park & Naglee (E)San Fernando & 2nd (E)7th & Santa Clara (S)
-----6:13 AM6:18 AM6:23 AM6:32 AM6:43 AM6:56 AM7:00 AM
6:06 AM6:17 AM6:22 AM6:26 AM6:37 AM6:43 AM6:53 AM6:58 AM7:04 AM7:15 AM7:28 AM7:41 AM7:45 AM
6:37 AM6:49 AM6:55 AM7:00 AM7:12 AM7:19 AM7:31 AM7:37 AM7:45 AM7:58 AM8:13 AM8:28 AM8:32 AM
6:56 AM7:09 AM7:15 AM7:21 AM7:34 AM7:41 AM7:53 AM8:00 AM8:08 AM8:22 AM8:36 AM8:51 AM8:55 AM
7:26 AM7:39 AM7:47 AM7:53 AM8:08 AM8:16 AM8:29 AM8:37 AM8:45 AM8:58 AM9:12 AM9:27 AM9:31 AM
7:51 AM8:04 AM8:11 AM8:16 AM8:30 AM8:38 AM8:51 AM8:59 AM9:06 AM9:18 AM9:30 AM9:44 AM9:48 AM
8:16 AM8:29 AM8:36 AM8:41 AM8:55 AM9:03 AM9:16 AM9:24 AM9:31 AM9:43 AM9:55 AM10:09 AM10:13 AM
8:49 AM9:02 AM9:09 AM9:23 AM9:31 AM9:44 AM9:52 AM9:59 AM10:11 AM10:23 AM10:37 AM10:41 AM
9:18 AM9:31 AM9:38 AM9:52 AM10:00 AM10:13 AM10:21 AM10:28 AM10:40 AM10:52 AM11:06 AM11:10 AM
9:48 AM10:03 AM10:10 AM10:23 AM10:30 AM10:42 AM10:50 AM10:57 AM11:09 AM11:22 AM11:36 AM11:40 AM
10:19 AM10:34 AM10:41 AM10:54 AM11:01 AM11:13 AM11:20 AM11:27 AM11:39 AM11:52 AM12:06 PM12:10 PM
10:52 AM11:05 AM11:11 AM11:24 AM11:31 AM11:43 AM11:50 AM11:57 AM12:09 PM12:22 PM12:36 PM12:40 PM
11:22 AM11:35 AM11:41 AM11:54 AM12:01 PM12:13 PM12:20 PM12:27 PM12:39 PM12:52 PM1:06 PM1:10 PM
11:50 AM12:03 PM12:09 PM12:22 PM12:30 PM12:43 PM12:50 PM12:57 PM1:09 PM1:22 PM1:36 PM1:40 PM
12:19 PM12:32 PM12:38 PM12:51 PM12:59 PM1:12 PM1:19 PM1:26 PM1:38 PM1:52 PM2:06 PM2:10 PM
12:43 PM12:56 PM1:02 PM1:15 PM1:23 PM1:37 PM1:45 PM1:53 PM2:06 PM2:21 PM2:36 PM2:40 PM
1:11 PM1:24 PM1:30 PM1:43 PM1:51 PM2:05 PM2:13 PM2:21 PM2:34 PM2:50 PM3:06 PM3:10 PM
1:41 PM1:54 PM2:00 PM2:13 PM2:21 PM2:35 PM2:43 PM2:51 PM3:04 PM3:20 PM3:36 PM3:40 PM
2:05 PM2:17 PM2:24 PM2:38 PM2:47 PM3:01 PM3:09 PM3:17 PM3:30 PM3:46 PM4:02 PM4:06 PM
2:30 PM2:42 PM2:49 PM3:04 PM3:13 PM3:27 PM3:35 PM3:43 PM3:56 PM4:12 PM4:28 PM4:32 PM
2:50 PM3:02 PM3:09 PM3:24 PM3:33 PM3:47 PM3:56 PM4:04 PM4:17 PM4:33 PM4:50 PM4:54 PM
3:30 PM3:42 PM3:49 PM4:03 PM4:12 PM4:26 PM4:35 PM4:43 PM4:56 PM5:12 PM5:30 PM5:34 PM
3:58 PM4:11 PM4:18 PM4:32 PM4:42 PM4:58 PM5:07 PM5:16 PM5:30 PM5:47 PM6:05 PM6:09 PM
4:24 PM4:37 PM4:44 PM4:58 PM5:08 PM5:24 PM5:33 PM5:41 PM5:55 PM6:11 PM6:28 PM6:32 PM
4:56 PM5:11 PM5:18 PM5:33 PM5:43 PM6:00 PM6:09 PM6:17 PM6:30 PM6:44 PM7:00 PM7:04 PM
5:25 PM5:41 PM5:48 PM6:03 PM6:13 PM6:30 PM6:39 PM6:47 PM7:00 PM7:13 PM7:28 PM7:32 PM
6:15 PM6:30 PM6:36 PM6:48 PM6:55 PM7:08 PM7:16 PM7:23 PM7:34 PM7:45 PM7:58 PM8:02 PM
7:27 PM7:40 PM7:46 PM7:57 PM8:04 PM8:15 PM8:21 PM8:27 PM8:37 PM8:48 PM9:00 PM9:04 PM