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Transforming “Development” into “Community”: Transit Oriented Communities Draft Playbooks are Live

VTA has released three draft Playbooks to help encourage the development of Transit Oriented Communities.  These recommendations are meant to help the future Santa Clara, Downtown San José and 28th Street/Little Portugal stations reach their full potential as thriving, vibrant Transit Oriented Communities.

VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II extension through Downtown San José and Santa Clara is an opportunity to sustainably organize growth around BART.

High demand for housing of all types, a strong job market, and new transit options provide the essential ingredients for developing transit oriented communities that are equitable, walkable places to live, work, shop, and play.

Santa Clara Station Area

Downtown San Jose Station Area

28th Street Station Area

Quality of Life

Make transit easy and convenient.

Less driving, more walking and fewer impacts on existing communities.

Active streets create opportunities for engaging storefronts and places to eat, shop, and socialize.

Improve the quality of life in our cities and communities.

New Jobs and Housing

43,000 new jobs

Housing for 76,000 new residents

Transit oriented communities would make way for the equivalent of a new downtown San Jose around around the BART Silicon Valley Phase II station areas - all within walking distance to BART.

Get Involved

This fall, VTA will present the Study’s Playbooks and recommendations to city councils, the VTA Board of Directors, and at community events.

We need your participation and support to create TOCs in Santa Clara Valley!

  • Take our online survey to let us know what TOC elements are most important to you
  • Learn about the study and subscribe to updates
  • Attend transit oriented communities public events, such as city council and VTA Board presentations and share your thoughts

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