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Silicon Valley Express Lanes

The Silicon Valley Express Lanes Program, a network that includes the SR 237, SR 85 and US 101 corridors, will convert existing carpool lanes and add new lanes to provide congestion relief throughout Santa Clara County.

Solo drivers have an option to use the express lanes for a fee. Eligible carpool vehicles and buses will continue to use the express lanes (also known as High Occupancy Vehicle or HOV Lanes) free of charge.

Revenue from tolls will be reinvested to maintain and operate roadways and provide other improvements within the corridor.

Express Lanes FAQs

In March of 2012, VTA began operation of Santa Clara County’s first express lanes on the SR 237/I-880 corridor. This section of the express lanes network currently serves as many as 10,000 solo drivers per week. Solo drivers in the SR 237 express lanes have experienced a time savings of up to 15 minutes. Express lanes on SR 237 have also improved travel times in the general purpose lanes by up to seven minutes.

To use the express lanes, solo drivers can open an account with FasTrak. FasTrak electronic toll collection technology debits solo drivers’ accounts as they enter the express lanes. Tolls are based on the level of congestion and are adjusted higher or lower to maintain the flow of traffic.

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