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Current Year Meetings

2016 Measure B Citizens-Oversight Committee

Ad Hoc Board Enhancement Committee

Administration and Finance Committee (A&F)

BART Silicon Valley Ad Hoc Committee

Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

Board of Directors

Capital Program Committee (CPC)

Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

Committee for Transportation Mobility and Accessibility (CTMA)

Congestion Management Program & Planning Committee (CMPP)

Diridon Station Joint Policy Advisory Board

Eastridge to BART Regional Connector Policy Advisory Board

Governance and Audit Committee

Land Use Transportation Integration (LUTI) Working Group

Mobility Partnership

Other Post-Employment Benefits Committee (OPEB)

Policy Advisory Committee (PAC)

Safety, Security, and Transit Planning and Operations (SSTPO)

SCVTA-ATU Local 265 Pension Plan-Board Of Pensions

SCVTA-ATU Local 265 Pension Plan-Investment Committee

State Route (SR) 85 Corridor Policy Advisory Board

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

VTA Deferred Compensation Committee