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BART train station
Adult riders using Clipper® who board VTA within one hour of exiting the BART station will receive a fare credit of $0.50. Adult patrons shall be charged full fare for any ride on VTA that is taken following the initial discounted transfer.

VTA Bus fares using Clipper cash: 
Adult Express Single Ride: $4.00
Adult Local Single Ride: $1.75
Youth Single Ride: $1.00
Senior/Disabled Single Ride: $1.00

*Current arrangements for riders transferring between VTA and neighboring transit systems are often complex and inconsistent. Transfer procedures elsewhere in the Bay Area also vary widely. This complexity of transfer policies has created challenges for customers, especially when using Clipper®. To address this customer service issue, transit operators throughout the region are transitioning to a coordinated transfer policy providing a consistent $0.50 fare credit for inter-operator transfers for Adult fares only AND only when Clipper® is used.

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Notices & Service Alerts

Last update: 04/25/2018

Reroute of Lines 12, 61, 62: due to Nihonmachi Run 4/29

Reroutes of Lines 48 and 49: due to "The Great Race" 4/30

Light Rail Service Impacts, 5/6/18: Bus bridge between Baypointe and Civic Center stations, serving all light rail stations in between.

Temporary Bus Stop Closure: for line 42 in San Jose 4/17 - 4/27