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Youth Outreach Program


Image of YOP Presentation to ClassSanta Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is committed to promoting safety and increasing awareness of public transportation to local youths. We believe that by introducing students at an early age to the benefits of taking public transportation, they will gain an appreciation for the role public transportation plays in our community and the environment.

What is the Youth Outreach Program?

VTA's Youth Outreach Program (YOP) is an exciting and unique program designed to encourage Santa Clara County students to learn and experience the benefits of public transportation. The program is divided into two program elements: the Class Presentation and the Class Pass Program.

The Class Presentation

A fun classroom program that partners VTA with teachers to educate students about how to safely use VTA service. Students learn about common transportation etiquette, such as the “do's and don'ts” of riding public transportation. Presenters spend additional time teaching older students how to read bus schedules and plan trips. Students view a fun, educational transit video that teaches them the rules to ride. The classroom program gives students many benefits, including the tools they will need to make it easier when they travel on VTA buses and light rail.

Contact VTA's Youth Outreach Coordinator with your preferred date and time for the presentation. Please allow 40 minutes classroom time for kindergarten through third grade and 60 minutes classroom time for fourth grade and above. VTA's YOP coordinator will give you alternative dates if your requested time is not available. We will confirm your class presentation appointment one week prior to the scheduled time. (Please limit each presentation to a maximum of two classes in order to maximize the students’ learning experience.)

VTA Youth Outreach staff reaches tens of thousands of students and hundreds of classes in Santa Clara County each school year through our Class Presentation Program.

The Class Pass Program

This popular program allows teachers, grades K - 12, within Santa Clara County the opportunity to take their students on field trips traveling by VTA buses and light rail for free. Each teacher is eligible to receive up to two “class passes” every school year. This allows students, teachers and chaperones to ride VTA buses and light rail to museums, cultural events, libraries, and other popular destinations for free. The Class Pass Program transports over 50,000 teachers and students during each school year.

Complete our online "Free Class Pass Field Trip Application" at least three weeks prior to the scheduled trip for consideration and processing. Once approved, your Class Pass and trip itinerary will be sent to you 2 weeks prior to your scheduled trip. 

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Contact Information

Youth Outreach Coordinator
3331 North First Street
San Jose, Ca 95134
(408) 321-7500 (Monday through Friday)
(408) 321-7535 (Fax)
(408) 321-2330 (TTY)

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