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Respond APPropriately with VTAlerts

Safety and security is of the upmost importance at VTA and we continually strive to find easy-to-use tools and new technologies to make our transit system safe for all of our passengers. At VTA, we know that you are sometimes the first to observe safety concerns, suspicious activities and medical emergencies. So, what can you do to help?

VTA has developed a new mobile app for both the iPhone and Android smartphones, and the iPad. By downloading the FREE, VTAlerts app, you will have the ability to call 911 in the event of an emergency or instantaneously report safety concerns directly to VTA Transit Security when traveling on our system.

The test function even allows you to try out the app prior to real-time submission. We encourage all riders to use this function immediately to get comfortable navigating the app.

VTAlerts allows you to report the following:

  • Crime in Progress
  • Medical Emergency
  • Unattended Bag or Package
  • Assault or Fight
  • Robbery or Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Safety Concern
  • Suspicious Activity

Together, we can make VTA Bus and Light Rail safer and more comfortable for all.

The VTAlerts app is available by clicking on the appropriate device to the left or by searching “vtalerts” at your app store.

Please note: The VTAlerts app is not intended to replace 911 emergency services. In the event of an actual emergency, Call 911 for immediate assistance. 
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Notices & Service Alerts

Last update: 10/17/2017

South 11th at Williams Temporary Bus Stop Closure: Concrete repairs will close this stop for approximately two weeks.

Reroute of Line 63 & 81: in San Jose due to construction 10/16 - 10/18

Rail Construction at Taylor, Hedding: Night work October 13-30, 2017

Reroute of Line 63: in San Jose due to construction 10/11 - 10/20