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US 101 and State Route 85 Express Lanes Projects

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VTA, as part of its Silicon Valley Express Lanes Program, has combined the SR 85 and US 101 Express Lanes projects in Phases 3 and 4. Phases 3 and 4 will implement the first express lanes through the two US 101/SR 85 interchanges in Mountain View and south San Jose.

The Phase 3 project on US 101 and SR 85 will:

  1. Convert the existing single carpool lanes to express lanes in the following locations:
    • US 101 from near SR 237 to SR 85 in Mountain View.
    • SR 85 from SR 237/Grant Road to the US 101/SR 85 interchange in Mountain View including the existing US 101/SR 85 carpool lane-to-carpool lane direct connector ramps.
  2. Convert existing double carpool lanes to double express lanes on US 101 from the US 101/SR 85 interchange in Mountain View to the San Mateo County line in Palo Alto.

Phase 3 Project Schedule

  • August 2015 Completed project approval and environmental document
  • August 2018 Draft plan
  • January 2019 Begin construction
  • Summer 2021 Open express lanes for service

Project Features

The US 101 portion will convert 36 miles on US 101 to express lanes and add a second express lane for the majority of the corridor from Dunne Avenue in Morgan Hill to the San Mateo County line. The second express lane will provide a two-lane facility with urbanized segments. The US 101 express lanes will connect with the SR 85 express lanes in San Jose and convert US 101/SR 85 HOV direct connectors in Mountain View to express lane connectors.

The SR 85 portion will convert approximately 24 miles of existing High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV or carpool) lanes and will add a second express lane between SR 87 and I-280 in the median. The project will also convert the existing HOV direct connector in south San Jose from US 101 to SR 85 to an express lane connector.

Project Funding

The project is estimated at $56.3 million and is funded by a combination of local funding, 2018 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), and Senate Bill (SB) 1 (Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017) through the Solutions for Congested Corridors Program.

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