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Construction Access Permits

What is a Construction Access Permit?

A Construction Access Permit (CAP) is required prior to commencing any surface, underground, or overhead construction work that:

(a) is located within VTA properties or facilities;
(b) is located within 10 feet of any rail that is part of VTA’s Light Rail System, including the Overhead Catenary System (OCS); or
(c) has the potential of affecting VTA property, services or assets. 

The permitting process includes an application, fees, VTA plan review, and required compliance with VTA insurance and background security check standards. Once a CAP is issued, a VTA construction inspector will be assigned to inspect portions of the project covered by the permit.

In addition to managing CAPs, the VTA Real Estate  Department also performs Underground Service Alert (USA North 811) locating services to identify VTA underground utilities consistent with California law. 

Construction Access Permit Application

Completed CAP applications may be submitted:
- Via email to ; or
- Delivered to VTA Permits, 3331 N. 1st Street, Building A, San Jose, CA 95134

To inquire about the status of a CAP, please contact: 
VTA Permits: (408) 321-5856 - ‚Äč 


1.    What are examples of work requiring a CAP? 

Examples of work requiring a CAP may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Installation of underground or overhead facilities.
  • Performing any work over, under or within VTA property or facilities, such as Cerone Division, North Division, River Oaks Division, Guadalupe Division, Chaboya Division, park and ride lots, light rail, transit centers, bus stops, etc.
  • Excavating or boring (directional boring or jack and boring) across VTA's Communication System Ducts (CSDs), Light Rail System or properties.
  • Excavating or trenching through an existing VTA concrete bus stop pad.

2.    How long does the permit evaluation process take? 
The process takes approximately 14 working days from the date that all application requirements are
       completed and received by VTA.   
       However, if further information is required or the project requires additional review, the review process
       may take longer.   
3.    What is a Restricted Access Permit (RAP), and when is it required?  
        A Restricted Access Permit (RAP) is managed by the VTA Operations Control Center (OCC) to ensure the
        safety and operation of VTA’s Light Rail System. A RAP is required when workers, or their equipment, have
        the potential of or are actually working within 10 feet of the Light Rail Tracks/System, over/under any OSC, or
        other VTA rail.  Depending on the nature of the work, the RAP may be in lieu of, or in addition to, a CAP. 
        All RAP permitees are required to attend OCC’s Railway Worker Protection (RWP) training.
        Please contact OCC at (408) 546-7667 for information on how to apply for a RAP.
4.    What VTA policy governs CAPs and RAPs? 
       CAPs and RAPs are governed by the VTA Permit Policy, dated October 7, 2004,
       Document Number, CO-PL-0001, Version Number 03, as amended.