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Clipper on VTA

Attention: Special Clipper Card Offer

Don’t miss out on your chance to receive a FREE Clipper Card!

Clipper outreach teams will be handing out FREE Adult Clipper Cards at transit stations across the Bay Area. To get a free card, visit a VTA location near you; view and download the complete list of dates and locations.

Buy a Clipper Card at a Ticket Vending Machines

VTA riders can now purchase an Adult Clipper card and load value in the same transaction from Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) on select light rail platforms.  

Passengers can also purchase, replace, load, and check balances on Clipper cards at VTA's Downtown Customer Service Center.   

Where to Purchase and Load Value on a Clipper Card 

VTA River Oaks Headquarters
3331 North First Street and River Oaks, San Jose 95134 (Bldg. B - Lobby)
8 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday

VTA Downtown Customer Service Center
55-A West Santa Clara Street San Jose, 95113
9 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday

Youth ages 5 through 18 and Seniors age 65 and over are eligible for a free Youth or Senior Clipper card. Riders using these cards automatically receive Youth or Senior fare discounts. Proof of eligibility is required when submitting an application. You may apply via mail, email, fax or in person. For more information go here:
Persons with qualifying disabilities can apply for a Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Clipper Card. Holders of the RTC Clipper Card automatically receive appropriate Senior/Disabled fares. For more information go here: 

How the Day Pass Works on Clipper

VTA’s Day Passes are available on Clipper®; printed day passes are no longer sold on board buses, or at light rail ticket machines. 

Clipper makes it easy to receive a day pass. Just load your Clipper card with Clipper Cash, then tag every time you ride VTA bus or light rail.* You’ll be charged for the rides you take, but your total fare for the day can’t go higher than what you pay today for a printed day pass. So you don’t need to pay up front for the day pass, but you are guaranteed to get the benefit of a day pass when you need it. Clipper will automatically give you the best fare deal for every day that you ride. We call this the “Day Pass Accumulator” because you just pay as you go until you’ve paid for your day pass!

This is how it works for ADULTS:
  1. Load your Clipper card with Clipper Cash.
  2. Tag your Clipper card every time you board a VTA bus or light rail vehicle*. Clipper will automatically deduct appropriate fare from your card’s Clipper Cash balance.
  3. Once you’ve paid the equivalent of $7.00 in fare for the day, you have earned a day pass and all your local bus or light rail rides for the rest of that day will be free of charge. Clipper will automatically cap your day’s fare at $7.00, so you may see Clipper deduct less than the standard fare if you’re close to the daily maximum. If you are eligible for a transfer credit (such as a transfer from AC Transit or BART to VTA), the value of the transfer credit will count toward your day pass.
  4. Once you have paid the equivalent of $13.50 in fare for the day, you have earned an Express day pass and all your rides on any VTA bus or light rail vehicle will be free of charge for the rest of that day. Please note – Clipper does not provide any credit towards Express Bus fares until $13.50 in Clipper fares have been paid. Day Pass fare upgrades are not available on Clipper. 
This is how it works for SENIOR/DISABLED/MEDICARE and YOUTH riders:
  1. Load your Clipper Card with Clipper Cash.
  2. Tag your Clipper Card every time you board a VTA bus or light rail vehicle*. 
  3. Once you’ve paid the equivalent of $3.00 in fare for the day (Seniors/Disabled/Medicare) or $3.00 (Youth), you have earned a Day Pass and all your rides on any VTA bus or light rail vehicle will be free of charge for the rest of that day.

Note for Single Ride Clipper Riders

  • Payment for a single ride with Clipper will be valid for 2 hours of FREE transfers across VTA buses and light rail. (Express bus fare is required for any trip that includes express service.  Adult passengers traveling from a local bus to an express bus, using a Clipper card, will have to pay a surcharge of $2.25.  This amount must be in the form of Clipper cash only.  Passengers cannot pay this surcharge in cash.  Youth and Senior/Disabled riders who transfer from local to express service will not have a surcharge.)

​​Per VTA Board Approved Fare Policy: No refunds shall be made for purchased passes. Lost or stolen Day Passes or Monthly Passes shall not be replaced.

More Clipper Information ​​

Bank Account Information

It is not required to have a bank account to use Clipper. However, United Way provides low-income Bay Area residents with free financial and career coaching and education through ​SparkPoint.

Downloadable Fact Sheets

You can download the following fact sheets in the following languages:

Notices & Service Alerts

Last update: 12/10/2018

Temporary Bus Stop Closure: for lines 40, 120, 185 & ACE Orange Shuttle through 6/3/19

Temporary Bus Stop Closure: for lines 66, 68, 304 12/10 - 12/24

Reroute of Lines 66 and 181 in Downtown San Jose: due to construction 12/8 & 12/15

Temporary Bus Stop Relocation: for lines 22, 88, 522 12/6 - 12/14