Light Rail Rehab

Light rail heading southbound First Street on the Blue Line.

Rail Rehabilitation Continues on Select Dates September - November

VTA's Rail Rehabilitation and Replacement is an ongoing program to ensure that the light rail track infrastructure remains safe, reliable, and in an enhanced state of good repair. Projects include the rehabilitation and replacement of overhead power wires rail, concrete panels, special track work, switches, and concrete embedded rail. During this upcoming scheduled work, riders will see periodic station closures and bus bridges to get them to their destinations.  

October 30 - November 16 Bus Bridge*

VTA will be replacing concrete panels and rails near the intersection of Lawrence Expressway and Tasman Avenue. The following stations will be closed: Vienna, Reamwood, Old Ironsides, Great America, Lick Mill, Champion. Temporary bus stops will be set up at these locations to be served by the bus bridge.

Orange Line - Orange Line trains will operated between Mountain View and Fair Oaks and between Baypointe and Alum Rock. A bus bridge will be in effect between Fair Oaks and Baypointe.

Green Line - The Green Line will operate between Winchester and Baypointe. Passengers traveling to Champion, Lick Mill, Great America, or Old Ironsides stations will have to take a bus bridge from Baypointe. The same transfer procedure works for passengers that plan to travel from Old Ironsides in the southbound direction.

*Dates subject to change

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