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Benefits at VTA - Administrative Employee Retirement


Administrative employees participate in the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) which is a defined benefit plan. Retirement benefits are based on the employee’s CalPERS membership status, age and years of CalPERS service credit.

As defined by California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act (PEPRA):
  • Classic Members’ retirement benefit formula is 2%@55
  • New Members’ retirement benefit formula is 2%@62
  • Classic Members hired before 1/9/12 pay 5% of salary toward the required employee contribution.
  • Classic Members hired after 1/9/12 pay 7% of salary toward the required employee contribution.
  • New Members are required to pay fifty percent of the total normal cost as determined by the annual CalPERS valuation.
For more detailed information regarding CalPERS retirement benefits, visit their web site at

Retiree Medical Plans

Defined Benefit Retiree Medical Plan

To be eligible for retiree medical coverage, administrative employees must retire directly from VTA, be age 50 (Classic Members) or 52 (New Members), and meet the minimum days of service requirement – 5 years (1,305 days).

Administrative employees’ spouses and registered domestic partners may continue under the retiree's medical plan at the retiree's expense.

Administrative employees’ surviving spouses or surviving domestic partners are eligible for medical coverage paid for by VTA at the same rate it paid for the retiree. Should you precede your spouse/domestic partner in death, VTA will cover the cost of your survivor’s medical up to the Kaiser Single Bay Area rate in California, and up to the Kaiser Out-of-State living outside of California, as long as your survivor is receiving a pension check. 

Medical Premium Contributions

Administrative retirees enroll in the CalPERS Medical plans. VTA pays up to the Kaiser Bay area single rate for retirees in California. Retirees pay the excess above the Kaiser Bay Area single rate. VTA pays up to the Kaiser out-of-state single rate for retirees living outside of California. The retiree pays the excess above the Kaiser out-of-state rate.  

Medicare Eligibility

Retirees (and spouses/registered domestic partners, if applicable) who are age 65 or disabled must enroll in Medicare Parts A & B, and in a VTA Medicare supplemental plan. Retirees are reimbursed for the cost of the Medicare Part B monthly premium. The amount of reimbursement is based on the current year's rate the retiree pays (minus any penalties). An additional amount above the standard reimbursement will be paid if the retiree provides proof from SSA of the premium paid for the current year. (Prior years are not retroactively reimbursed).

As long as retirees retain enrollment in a VTA sponsored Medicare supplemental plan, they should not enroll in Medicare Part D outside of VTA. Medicare Part D reimbursement is handled by the health plan. Enrollment is only through the health plan.

Medical Plans for Administrative Retirees

  • Anthem Blue Cross Traditional or Select HMO, or EPO:  (855) 839-4524
  • ​Blue Shield Access+ or Blue Shield NetValue:  (800) 334-5847
  • Kaiser Permanente:  (800) 464-4000
  • United Healthcare:  (877) 359-3714
  • Health Net: (888) 926-4921
  • Western Health Advantage: (888) 942-7377
  • Sharp Health Plan:  (855) 995-5004 (available in San Diego County only) 


PERS Choice, PERS Select, PERSCare:  (877) 737-7776 

Transit Passes

VTA retirees, spouses, surviving spouses of retirees, and dependent children of retirees are eligible for transit passes, at no cost to the retiree, for use over VTA lines, including VTA (Non-Premium) Paratransit services for those meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) eligibility criteria. 

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