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Doing Business with VTA: How to Become a Vendor

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How to Become a Vendor

A Prospective Vendor is a company or individual registered with VTA's Procurement Contracts and Materials Management ("PCMM") Department who has officially received solicitation documents or plans and specifications for a particular project. It is important that those interested in submitting bids to VTA be included on our Prospective Vendors list so that they are made aware of any changes to the requirements, including specifications, due date changes, etc. If you do not receive this information a bid or proposal may not be responsive to the requirements of the solicitation.

VTA publishes all solicitation information in the online Procurement site. Companies or individuals wishing to receive notification of relevant solicitations, or to subscribe as Prospective Vendor for solicitations can do so through this online system. Most support documents are available for download through this system, making this the most convenient way to subscribe to and track VTA solicitations. Registration is easy from the VTA Procurement Registration page.

After registering with VTA Procurement, you can register for a specific solicitation and become a Prospective Vendor by clicking on the "Details" link for any solicitation on the Solicitations page.

Another way to become a Prospective Vendor for work you are interested in bidding or proposing on is to look in the Mercury News for "Notice to Bidders/Proposers" advertisements. This is one of the principle methods VTA uses to solicit bids/proposals for its projects.

Unless you register and subscribe through the online system, you will in most cases need to request that a particular IFB or RFP be sent to you or your firm.

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