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Transit Oriented Development

VTA's Transit Oriented Development Program negotiates long-term public-private partnerships transit-oriented development.

Make an impact in one of the most diverse and affluent consumer markets in the world. Advertise on VTA light rail trains, buses, shelters and light rail stations.

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A Construction Access Permit is required for certain surface, underground, or overhead construction work near or within VTA properties and facilities.

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Business Development

VTA is actively pursuing new opportunities to engage the community in efforts to improve our transportation system. Our Business Development program provides a framework for this expanded outreach, enhancing the way VTA shares data, tracks industry trends,and ultimately the way that we design, demonstrate, and fund projects that will move us forward.  

To make it easy for businesses to present their concepts for improving transportation infrastructure, we have created a simple Partnership Project Proposal form to gather basic information about a potential collaborative project.

If you have an idea for an innovation project to improve the efficiency, safety, or customer experience of our transportation system, we encourage you to fill out the form, or call us to set up a meeting to discuss your idea.


Innovation Center

VTA has created an interactive learning lab called the VTA Transportation Innovation Center where we can design, test, and showcase innovation projects in collaboration with university students, businesses and other partners.

The Innovation Center includes workstations where participants can develop, test, and showcase new technology that will improve the transit customer experience, as well as optimize the functioning of our vehicles, freeways, and other transportation infrastructure. 

If you would like to discuss opportunities to showcase your technology in our new Innovation Center, please contact Manjit Chopra, Innovation Technical Project Manager, at

Asset Management

VTA’s Real Estate & Joint Development Department manages VTA’s extensive real estate assets across Santa Clara County. We process all requests to utilize VTA real property, including short- and long-term licenses and leases for uses such as storage, parking, data, utilities, telecommunications and special events. We also administer VTA’s real property agreements through management of contractual matters such as term, payment, insurance and maintenance.
Information on the majority of VTA properties, which are available for leasing, licensing or joint development opportunities, can be found in VTA's Real Estate Portfolio.
To request an application to license or lease VTA property, please contact:

VTA Real Estate & Joint Development
(408) 321-5777 or

To allow for sufficient VTA stakeholder review and processing, applications for use of VTA real property must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the date on which the property use is requested.

Real Estate Acquisition for Capital Projects

The delivery of capital projects in Santa Clara County is a critical function of VTA. These projects are complex and diverse, including transit improvement projects, highway improvement projects, and the Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Project.

The Real Estate Department and VTA legal counsel, with assistance from consulting firms specializing in appraisal, acquisition, and relocation, procure all property rights needed for VTA’s various capital projects.  All appraisal, acquisition and relocation activities follow the Federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 as amended, the California Government Code and the California Code of Regulations.

Please see our documentation on the process for Real Estate Acquisition for VTA Projects.  

For further inquiries, please contact the VTA Real Estate & Joint Development Department at (408) 321-5777 or