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VTA Strategic Plan

The Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Strategic Plan will take VTA to the next level—and beyond.
Having issues viewing the strategic plan, contact the Strategic Plan Team at or (408) 321-5744

This plan is the result of an analysis of the agency’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as the input, observations, and ideas from VTA employees, customers, and members of VTA’s advisory committees and Board of Directors.

It addresses our current situation and provides a framework to build an exciting future. This plan asks everyone involved with VTA—beginning with the Board of Directors and including all employees—to embrace this approach and work to implement its philosophy. This clear and visionary Plan will guide us along the path of further establishing VTA as an industry leader, innovator, and a transportation organization worthy of serving Silicon Valley.

The Plan establishes our Mission, Vision, and Values, and provides a framework to tie your everyday work into the overall direction and priorities of the agency. This tie is strengthened with our Business Plans. The Strategic Plan guides the development and implementation of VTA’s Business Plans, which outline the strategies necessary to reach our goals. This Plan will also serve to guide our budgeting process and allocation of resources.

This high-level Plan will provide direction and actively foster creativity, collaboration, and leadership. Ultimately, it is designed to be transformative; that is, to create a dynamic work environment that carries us boldly and confidently into the future. Our environment will simplify and stabilize decision making, VTA employees will be encouraged to take strategic risks, and proactive action will be encouraged while excuses for inaction are discouraged.


Solutions that move you.


To innovate the way Silicon Valley moves.

Core Values

Safety, Integrity, Quality, Sustainability, Diversity, Accountability.

Action Values

Create, Collaborate and Lead.

Action Values operationalize our core values and all aspects of this Plan. They are intended to be transformative, they envelop the core values, help them transcend their written definition, and help them evolve and improve in application over time.‚Äč
VTA Strategic Plan 2016 from SCVTA

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