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Image of completed Kato Road Grade Separation.
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Kato Road Grade Separation



In April 2013, the Kato Road Grade Separation Project was completed. It is the first of 11 grade separations to be completed as part of the 10-mile Berryessa Extension. A grade separation is a physical separation of two different travel movements. In this case, the movements are freight/transit and cars/pedestrians. Construction crews began efforts to grade separate where Kato Road crosses the railroad tracks in Fremont in Fall 2011. This separation was created by lowering Kato Road, so that it passes beneath the current ground/street level railroad tracks. The project required a partial road closure of Kato Road in Fall of 2011 and eventually a full road closure in Summer 2012. Spring of 2013 marked the official end of the grade separation construction, with the re-opening of Kato Road occurring at the same time.

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) acquired fifteen miles of property (right of way) from the Union Pacific Railroad spanning from Grimmer Boulevard in Fremont to Hwy. 101 in San Jose, back in 2002. The property allows BART Silicon Valley to be built alongside the existing Union Pacific railroad tracks. VTA, in partnership with the City of Fremont has a goal of reducing safety concerns at intersections where freight and auto traffic mix. The Kato Road Grade Separation Project enhances safety because it completely separates roadway traffic from freight trains and the future BART Silicon Valley system.


  • Construction: Fall 2011 - Spring 2013
  • Partial Kato Rd. Closure: Fall 2011 - Summer 2013 
  • Full Kato Rd. Closure: Summer 2012 - Winter 2013
    (Approximately 9 months)
  • End Construction: Spring 2013

Image Gallery

Kato Road Grade Separation Image Gallery of crane working at Kato Road



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