Parking at the Milpitas & Berryessa Transit Centers


VTA offers paid parking at the Berryessa and Milpitas Transit Centers. 

Pay Online (for daily, long-term and monthly permits):

Once logged in, select either Milpitas or Berryessa Transit Center

1. Choose your permit type

  • $3 / day (24-hours)
  • $7 / day for long-term (2+ days)
  • $50 / month

2. Agree to the rules and conditions

3. Select Dates of when you will park at the station 

4. Add your vehicle information

5. proceed to payment information. 

Pay with Passport Mobile app (daily permits only)

The Passport app is available on the App store and Google Play store.

  • Create your account
  • Enter your vehicle information
  • Set up payment
  • Use Zone # 9593 for Berryessa or Zone # 9592 for Milpitas. 
  • Tickets must be bought the same day of use and are valid for 24 hours from purchase

* please note that VTA requires valid parking payment at all times your vehicle is at the Milpitas or Berryessa Station. 

Types of Parking

There are specified parking spaces available for persons with disabilities, carpool/van pool, electric vehicles, and motorcycles. Electric vehicle charging costs $1.00 per hour while you are charging in addition to your parking permit.

Parking Handbook

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about parking (if you still have a question that we don't address below, please email us at