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Load Passes and Add Value to Your CLIPPER CARD on VTA Ticket Vending Machines


Place your Clipper card on the shelf labeled “Place Card Here” place card decallocated in the middle of the TVM. The TVM will read the card and display the value currently on the card. Please do not remove card until you have completed your transaction.VTA Ticket vending Machine


Select one of the options 
          presented to you on the screen.

  • VTA Products (Monthly pass, etc.)
  • Clipper Cash or
  • Other Agency Products (AC Transit,Caltrain, Muni, and SamTrans only)

Select the specific cash
          amount or fare product you want to


Select payment option. You can either use cash, a credit card or debit card.

  • CASH: Insert cash (including coins) in the slots indicated. The machine  accepts all bills up to $20 and all coins, except pennies and 50-cent pieces. All change, including dollars, is given in coins. The machine can provide change up to $19.25.
  • CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD: Insert card in the slot at the top right hand corner of the TVM and follow instruction on the menu screen.
  • CANCEL your transaction: At any time you can cancel your transaction by pushing the red cancel button under the menu screen. To go back a screen, press the back button.
  • Once payment is made, please wait for your Clipper card to be loaded with the appropriate value. Do not remove the card during the update process.

Remove your card from the shelf when prompted.

It's That Easy!

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