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Senior Fare

Senior Fares

  • **Single Ride - $1.00 (Regular & Express & Limited Stop Buses, Light Rail)**
  • 8-Hour Light Rail Pass - $2.00
  • Day Pass  - $3.00 (Only available with Senior Clipper card & EZfare App)
  • Monthly Pass - $30.00 (Only available with Senior Clipper card)
  • Annual Pass $330.00
**Payment for a single ride with a Senior Clipper card or  EZfare mobile ticketing app will be valid for 2 hours of FREE transfers across VTA buses and light rail.   

Passengers aged 65 and older qualify for the discounted senior fare when riding VTA. Proof of age is required when paying the discounted senior rate. Acceptable proof of age are:

  • California Driver’s License
  • California ID Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport (U.S. or Foreign)
  • Alien Registration Card
  • Valid Senior/Disabled card from another California transit agency

Seniors can pay cash for a single ride on bus or light rail. Passengers can also pre-pay using the Senior Clipper card or the EZfare mobile application.

Senior Clipper Card


Clipper Cards

Persons who are 65 and over can get  Senior Clipper card that can be loaded with a Senior Monthly Pass or Clipper cash value. The cash value can be used to pay for single rides as needed or earn a Day Pass through the Day Pass Accumulator feature. Passengers can load value to their Senior Clipper Card at a variety of locations including any Walgreens store and any VTA Light Rail ticket vending machine.  To obtain a Senior Clipper card, passengers can apply for a card at our Downtown Customer Service Center or the River Oaks Administrative office.  Passengers may also email, mail or fax the  Senior Clipper application to Clipper.     

RTC Cards

Senior Clipper CardSeniors who qualify to travel with an attendant at the discounted rate must use a Regional Transit Connection (RTC) card. Passengers can apply for the RTC card at our Downtown Customer Service Center or the River Oaks Administrative office.   


EZfare Mobile Payment

Image of smart phone  showing a local day pass using EZfare mobile application.
VTA's EZfare Mobile Application lets passengers purchase and use special event passes, day passes, and single ride fares instantly on their smartphone.  

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Bus Bridge due to Rail Construction at Tasman and Old Ironsides: Day and night work, January 27-28, 2018

Temporary Bus Stop Closure on Santa Clara Street at 7th: Bus stop at Santa Clara & 7th Street to be closed temporarily for construction.

Road Lane Closures on E Brokaw Rd. at N First Street, January 16-22, 2018: E Brokaw Rd. Rail Repair and Lane Closures at N First Street, Day and Night from January 16-22, 2018

Bus Bridge due to Rail Construction at West San Carlos and Woz Way: Day and night work January 8-19, 2018