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electric bus

VTA Closer to Rolling Out Fully Electric Buses

Plans to roll out zero-emission electric buses among VTA’s fleet just got a boost with funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration.

AC Milan and Liverpool FC logos

AC Milan vs. LIverpool FC at Levi's

Take VTA to international soccer action at Levi's Stadium Saturday July 30.

Palo Alto Transit Center

How Early (or Late) Should Transit Service Run?

Extending the hours that transit operates requires giving up something else. Is that the right decision?

Collage of development projects in Santa Clara County for cover of VTA Annual Development Report

VTA Reviews County Development Boom

VTA recently released its second “Development Review Annual Report” based on VTA’s review of proposed development and transportation projects throughout Santa Clara County

empty bus stop

Are All Transit Rides Equal?

How do you balance cost-efficiency with the diversity of transit needs in Santa Clara County? Part of our Next Network blog series...

Customer selfie with driver Robert Kiesser

Humor and a Handlebar Mustache on Route 23

“I like people. I try to put smiles on people’s faces,” says driver Robert Kiesser. “I’m trying to create a different atmosphere. I want this to feel like a family.”

Notices & Service Alerts

Last update: 07/08/2016

Line 10 Bus Stop Impacts: due to event at Avaya Stadium 7/27

Reroute of Line 55: Wednesdays & Saturdays Through August 31st

Reroute of Lines 34, 35, 52 & 81: due to Thursday Night Live – Summer Concert Series 7/28

Temporary Bus Stop Relocation - Eastbound Santa Clara @ First Street: Relocation due to BRT construction

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