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Blossom Hill Station Joint Development

This photo is an example of what a transit-oriented development can look like. This is not the Blossom Hill Station.


The Blossom Hill Station is a VTA real estate asset available for future development. The 7.59-acre property is located along Blossom Hill Road at Canoas Creek and serves as a Park & Ride lot for Light Rail and Bus passengers.
The parking lot has the potential for mixed use/mixed income transit residential and commercial development. Developments that are transit-oriented in nature enhance VTA’s transit operations through increases in ridership and infrastructure improvements. VTA is analyzing the site for opportunities to work with the private development sector along with the City of San Jose to plan a space that allows people to live and work near public transportation which helps clear the air, ease traffic and get you moving more efficiently and reliably.
VTA is embarking on preparing this site for future development, beginning with talking to the community about its plans. The current land use designation allows for a mix of commercial and residential units.
VTA’s Joint Development Program works with municipal and private partners to encourage the development of housing, retail, and employment centers in places that will help increase transit ridership and contribute to a vibrant community. Among VTA’s Joint Development requirements is that 20% of housing on a particular site must be affordable. 

Upcoming Meeting/Input Opportunity

community meeting was held on October 25, 2018.  Staff provided an update on the Blossom Station Joint and Transit-Oriented Development plans that are moving forward. As noted below, VTA has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) seeking proposals from qualified developers to build a mixed-use transit oriented development (TOD) on  VTA's Blossom Station parking area.

The presentation is available here to view and/or download. If you would like a presentation to your organization or neighborhood association about this project, or other VTA activities, please contact us. 

In January of this year, VTA staff facilitated a discussion and provided attendees with an overview of VTA's Joint Development program, and potential opportunity for a transit-oriented development. Thank you for your participation and input! The material presented in January is available: Blossom Hill Station Presentation

VTA staff are available to speak with you or present this information at your neighborhood meeting.  Please contact us at the number listed below and we will coordinate this with you.

Project Schedule

VTA issued the Request for Proposals (RFP) on July 11, 2018. For more information on the RFP schedule, please view the Blossom Hill Station Joint Development RFP

Fact Sheets

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Developer Information

Blossom Hill Station Joint Development RFP

Learn more about this development opportunity.

Learn more about VTA's Joint Development Portfolio of TOD Opportunities.

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