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VTA’s Bicycle Program works to make bicycling a safer and more practical option for Santa ClaraCountyresidents and visitors. The Bicycle Program supports bicycling through countywide planning, funding and project development, and through development of design guidelines and best practices. The Bicycle Program also supports integrating bicycling and transit.


VTA’s Pedestrian Program works to make walking a safer, more comfortable option for Santa Clara County residents and visitors. A safe and comfortable walking environment is important for everyone, but particularly important for transit riders and people with mobility impairments. The Pedestrian Program supports walking through countywide planning, development of pedestrian design guidelines and best practices, and focused studies.

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Last update: 04/23/2014

Nihonmachi Run: Reroutes for Lines 12, 61 & 62

The “Great Race”: Reroutes for Lines 48 and 49

Bus Stop Relocation: Capitol Expressway at Ocala Avenue

Permanent Bus Stop Closure: Westbound 64 Line at McKee and Capitol

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