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VTA’s SmartPass is an annual calendar-year pass available for institutions within Santa Clara County. It is a deeply-discounted pass making it an attractive, low-cost benefit to participating organizations. It is a great way for employers, residential developments, and colleges to reduce their environmental impact while saving their employees, residents, and students from the expenses and hassles of driving and parking.

Depending on the size of your organization, prices can range from $1.73 to $17.25 a month per participant and allows unlimited rides on VTA buses and light rail. That’s definitely a bargain compared to the 2018 Adult Express Monthly Pass for $180!

SmartPass is like an insurance plan – by paying for a large group of program participants, the per-participant costs are shared. All the group’s participants have an opportunity to use their SmartPass as often as they need or choose; whether they are daily VTA riders, use the service occasionally, or are completely new to public transit. Organizations will be able to provide program participants with a high-value benefit at a minimal cost.

SmartPass Benefits

  • SmartPass is loaded on a Clipper® smart card, allowing participants to load various fares and use it for multiple transit agencies across the San Francisco Bay Area
  • SmartPass Institutional Portal allows coordinators to administer the program and view usage reports.
  • VTA’s SmartPass program may satisfy some city ordinances or commute benefit ordinances such as Senate Bill No. 1128.

To Get Started

Contracts and services start on the first day of a calendar month and run through the remainder of the calendar year. The annual rate is prorated based on start date. SmartPasses are renewed on an annual basis.
Complete and email the SmartPass Agreement Form to

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