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Congestion Management Program Document

VTA serves as the Congestion Management Agency (CMA) for Santa Clara County. California State statute requires CMAs to develop, adopt and update a Congestion Management Program (CMP) every two years. This Program is summarized in a ‘Congestion Management Program document’ which is published every two years.

The purpose of the CMP document is to give the reader a comprehensive knowledge of the elements and goals of the VTA CMP. The CMP document is organized into nine chapters: the CMP system definition and a chapter describing each element of the CMP. A number of appendices providing additional information are included at the back of the document. Appendix A provides a glossary of key terms, Appendix I includes the full text of the CMP Statute and related Statutes, and the remaining appendices provide additional technical or descriptive information.

A new CMP document is adopted by the VTA Board of Directors at the end of every odd-numbered year:

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