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Bicycle Technical Guidelines

VTA’s Bicycle Program publishes the Bicycle Technical Guidelines (BTG) to help Member Agencies provide optimal bicycle accommodation and ensure that bicycle planning and roadway planning is consistent countywide. The guidelines provide a set of standards and best practices for roadway and bikeway design at the time of publication.

As the complementary companion to the Countywide Bicycle Plan and the Bicycle Expenditure Program, the guidelines should be used as a resource by both roadway and bikeway planners and designers.

VTA first adopted the guidelines in 1999 and updates them on a periodic basis. The Bicycle Program expanded and re-adopted the guidelines in 2007 in 2012.

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Readers should confirm that outside documents have not changed since the date of publication. A list of other common bicycle design documents is provided below.

Bicycle Technical Guidelines Files

Other Bicycle Design Guides

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