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VTA “Slow Down! Keep Families Safe.” Campaign - CBS News Bay Area  NBC Bay Area  KRON 4  KQED (Radio)

All Taylor All the Time (Taylor Swift at Levi’s) VTA Record Ridership Broadcast - NBC Bay Area (Saturday)   KRON 4 (Sunday)  ABC7    CBS5   KCBS Radio  KTVU Ch 2   KQED Radio 

VTA Bus Operator 3-Day Qualifications Event - KTVU FOX   Univision

Affordable housing to be built by San Jose transit center (San Jose Spotlight) 

Affordable Housing Interview with Ron Golem - NBC Bay Area

Berryessa Affordable Housing Press Conference -  KTVU   NBC Bay Area  Telemundo

VTA Signs Deal for 100% Affordable Housing Development at Berryessa Transit Center

Guaranteed Ride Home - KSTS (Telemundo) 

Cyber Security Tabletop - KRON 4  KTVU 

Bike to Work Day -  NBC Bay Area    KTVU Ch. 2 

988 Crisis Lifeline campaign - Fox 2 

Santa Clara VTA continuing bus stop improvements through Better Bus Stop Program (Mass Transit) 

Eastridge VTA Extension - Univision   Telemundo

BART Silicon Valley Federal Funding - KCBS radio   KPIX Ch 5

ENR California/Northwest Owner of the Year: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority - ENR.com

Passenger Transport:  Human Trafficking Happens Everywhere - Passenger Transport

Human Trafficking Happens Everywhere - KPIX Ch 5   Univision   Telemundo 6 pm   Telemundo 11 pm   KRON   KTVU Fox   KCBS radio

The state has awarded VTA $375M for its planned extension of BART to Downtown San Jose - Silicon valley Business Journal

BART Silicon Valley Extension State Grant - KTUV-FOX  KCBS-Radio 

Santa Clara VTA mechanics support fellow veterans through VA Bus Maintenance - Mass Transit Magazine

Proterra & Scale Bring Solar Electric Bus Charging System To Valley Transportation - Clean Technica

Christopher High junior selected to attend national college conference - Gilroy Dispatch   

VTA Safety Video on TikTok - NBC Bay Area

Use of Public Transit to save gas money - KRON-SF    KDTV-UNIVISION

Bay Area Proud: Comfort Dogs used after shooting - KNTV NBC

VTA Bus Operator Recruitment Efforts - Univision

Why we should use public transit - Telemundo

VTA workers construct 'eternal flame' memorial for coworkers killed in mass shooting - Fox Online

VTA workers building a Memorial Torch -  KTVU-FOX       KNTV-NBC   KSTS-Telemundo

Santa Clara VTA continues to increase the number of woman operators - Mass Transit


Bay Area Localish: Getting from point A to point B stress-free - KGO-ABC

SJSU Teaches Transportation Impact and Innovations to High School Students - SJSU News Center

VTA Bus Operators Graduation - KDTV- Univision  KSTS - Telemundo  KTVU - Fox 2 

Santa Clara VTA chips away at operator shortage - Mass Transit

Clipper BayPass pilot program -  KRON   Telemundo

Resources for Domestic Violence Victims in San Jose - Telemundo

VTA Hiring new bus operators - Telemundo – Comunidad del Valle

VTA Safety enforcement - KRON    ABC 7

Rail Safety Enforcement - NBC Bay Area  ABC7 News  KRON4    KTVU Morning News   KTVU Noon News

SJSU Marks Launch Of Baypass Clipper Card Progam On Campus - SF Gate

Bus Operators Graduation - KSTS - Telemundo   KDTV- Univision   CBS- KPIX

Comunidad del Valle: SJPD Response to VTA Shooting - KNTV-NBC

VTA looks to hire new bus drivers amid nationwide shortage - CBS Online

VTA Bus Operator’s Daughter Accepted into Prestigious Law Program - Telemundo

VTA Bus Operator recruitment efforts -  KPIX  KPIX (2)

Transit Briefs: Brightline, NYMTA, OCTA, SacRT, SCVTA  - Railway Age

VTA Driver Captures Beauty of Transit In Photographs - Mercury News