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Visit the VTA Board and committees portal for information about the VTA Board and committees, including members, meetings, agendas, minutes and livestreaming.

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How to participate in VTA public meetings during the Shelter in Place Order.

    About the VTA Board of Directors

    The VTA Board of Directors sets VTA policy. The Board has 18 members and ex-officio members, all of whom are elected officials appointed to serve on our Board by the jurisdictions they represent.

    Fifteen Directors are city council members and three are County Supervisors. Twelve Directors serve as voting members and there are six Directors who serve as alternates. The ex-officio members are non-voting members and are the three Santa Clara County representatives to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

    The VTA Board of Directors meets on the first Thursday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at the County Government Center, 70 West Hedding Street, San Jose.

    Learn more about the VTA Board of Directors including current members, meetings, and agendas.

    VTA Committees

    VTA organizes committees and advisory boards focused on specific topics. Find information including members, meetings, agendas, and minutes in VTA's Board and Committees Portal.

    Standing Committees
    Advisory Committees
    Policy Advisory Boards
    Ad Hoc Committees
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    Approval by the Board of Directors is required for the following:

    • Entering into service agreements worth more than $500,000 per year for a maximum term of three years.
    • Executing purchase orders for non-routine goods, supplies and equipment with a value over $500,000.
    • Amending the VTA Administrative Code.
    • Supporting or opposing a piece of state or federal legislation.
    • Adopting the annual VTA budget.
    • Approving collective bargaining agreements.
    • Recommending major capital improvement projects to the appropriate regional, state and federal funding authorities.

    The Board of Directors may also authorize the General Manager to act on its behalf.

    Public Records Request

    To request for public records information, please contact VTA through:


    Office of the Board Secretary
    3331 N. First Street
    San Jose, CA   95134


    (408) 321-5680



    To contact the VTA Board of Directors or VTA committee members, or for any other inquiries, please email

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