August 17, 2022
Federal Funds Boost VTA’s Zero Emission Bus Technology
Santa Clara Valley transit riders will access cleaner, green rides as federal funds flow in to build up VTA’s Zero-Emission bus technology. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced the award...
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August 11, 2022
VTA Chips Away at Operator Shortage
SAN JOSE, CA – Twenty new bus operators graduated from an intensive 9-week program and are ready to help fill a chronic shortage of operators at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)...
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August 10, 2022
VTA Buses to Get Priority at Traffic Signals on Monterey Road
It’s green lights ahead for riders of VTA’s routes 66, 68 and 568 as the City of San Jose prepares to implement traffic signal prioritization along the Monterey Road Corridor. The San Jose City...
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August 08, 2022
August 2022 Service Changes | October 2022 Service Changes
Heads up – more service changes are coming your way in this second half of 2022! We’ll be making some schedule adjustments twice more this year: starting Monday, August 15, and again on Monday...
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August 05, 2022
Future Leaders In Transportation Tour VTA
A group of 32 high school students from Santa Clara County got a special behind-the-scenes tour of VTA’s largest bus yard and cutting-edge electric bus charging system. The students participated in...
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July 26, 2022
Celebrate The ADA
Today, we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) which was signed into law on July 26, 1990. The ADA prohibits discrimination against individuals with...
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July 22, 2022
It's Plastic-Free July – Join the Movement to Reduce Plastic Waste
As part of Plastic-Free July, we encourage VTA staff and our community to learn ways to reduce plastic waste. This article provides several resources and ideas to the help you reduce single-use...
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July 20, 2022
How Can VTA Engage With You Better?
If you feel like you have seen VTA sharing surveys lately, we have! We use surveys to engage and receive feedback for our programs like our Service Planning, Express Lanes, and Sustainability programs...
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July 19, 2022
Dance the Night Away...with VTA!
VTA is partnering with CityDance San Jose for a series of FREE, open-air dance and music events at the Circle of Palms, next to the San Jose Museum of Art, in downtown San Jose. A professional...
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