"Business As Usual" - Update on Potential Strike
Brandi Childress

It has been one week since ATU Local 265 members voted to reject VTA’s “last, best and final offer”. We have not heard from ATU since we learned of the vote result, nor have they given us their required 72-hour notice to strike.
Until we hear anything further from the union, VTA is conducting business as usual alongside planning for a potential work stoppage.
As best stated by VTA Board Chair Teresa O’Neill, “Our most important goal is to reach an agreement that protects the public, the taxpayer, and our customers. Our responsibility is to work towards a contract that ensures long-term financial sustainability for the VTA while still providing equitable and competitive compensation for our employees.”
Never in our 25-year history has any union at VTA come as far as a sanctioned strike. This is new territory for both ATU employees and VTA. We are hoping to resume communications so that we can minimize uncertainty for employees and our riders, and continue to work towards achieving a practical and sustainable agreement.
VTA continues to work on its service interruption plans that would include contracted workers if ATU chooses to go on strike. The contracted employees will have experience in bus operations which will be our biggest focus. We will not operate light rail service, prioritizing bus service along our highest ridership routes.
We have curated a list of common questions and answers to date at this link. For more information, please visit VTA’s Labor Relations page at http://www.vta.org/transparency/public-engagement/labor-relations.

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