New VTA Website to Streamline and Simplify On-Line Help
Cody Kraatz

Meet the new!

We’ve replaced our current website with this new mobile-first design based on input and feedback from real users - transit riders, people affected by or interested in VTA projects, and engaged community members. 

We encourage you to try out some of the following common tasks: 

  • Get real-time arrivals 
  • Plan a trip 
  • Look up a schedule 
  • Find the latest news on Headways, VTA’s blog 
  • Use the Project Finder to view projects you’re interested in  
  • Learn about VTA’s Board of Directors, committees, and meetings 
  • Learn about VTA career opportunities and benefits 
  • Or, use our powerful and interactive site search for anything you don’t immediately find in our simplified and cleaner navigation. 

You'll notice we’ve focused on transit information because that’s the most heavily used part of the VTA website. The design also highlights VTA’s governance, human resources and procurement activities because they’re important too.

User Input

Earlier this year, we asked our website users what they wanted to see.

  • You told us real time information was most important, so we added it to the home page and also made service alerts easier to find
  • You told us you’re most interested in projects’ timelines, maps, and news, so you’ll see an interactive timeline, prominent map, and related articles on project pages
  • You told us you want a great experience on your phone, so the new site is mobile-friendly and can use your location for real time and trip planning if you allow it

Thank you to the thousands of users who contributed to the design process! We’ll continue to incorporate your feedback and make improvements so please let us know what you like and what we could do better.

Learn more about our user research and design process in this Headways post. 


Even after we launch the site, we plan to continue enhancing and adding features based on user needs and feedback. Our planned roadmap includes: 

  • MyVTA personalization system to customize your email service alerts, tailor to highlight your favorite content, and send service feedback through a new app we’re building.
  • Chatbot (or interactive virtual agent) for basic transit service help and other information 24/7 in any language, connecting you with a customer service representative if needed 
  • Event registration by Eventbrite, integrated into the website for events like community meetings. 

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