Light Rail Social Distancing Signs
Using TEAMwork to Stop the Spread
Ken Blackstone

*A correction was made to passenger load capacity on 4/16/20 @ 4:15p.

Most people probably never heard the term “Social Distancing” before a few weeks ago. Now, it is part of the daily lexicon; so much so that you might have started to take it for granted. But now is NOT the time to let down. Another phrase you may have heard is the acronym TEAM, or “Together Everyone Achieves More.”

VTA is doing its part with enhanced cleaning procedures to keep vehicles safe for passengers. We’re asking for your TEAMwork to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by making sure you are only using transit for essential travel and staying at least six-feet apart.

In addition, riders are strongly encouraged to follow CDC guidelines to wear a cloth facemask to cover their nose and mouth. Our bus operators are also being provided facemasks.

To meet social distancing health requirements, aside from the two passengers allowed in the reserved seating area, bus capacity is now limited to:

  • 60-foot bus (the extra-long one) – 9 individuals*
  • 40-foot bus (used on most routes) – 6 individuals*
  • 35-foot bus – 5 individuals*

*When passengers are traveling together in family groups (such as couples or parents with children) or from the same household, they can sit next to each other, meaning coaches can support more passengers per vehicle, up to 18, 12 or 11 respectively.

Unfortunately, it is possible that operators may need to pass up customers at bus stops if these limits are reached.

Light rail trains are running with two cars coupled together to ensure there is plenty of space between passengers. Seats are marked off for social distancing on both buses and trains.

To see the express definition of “Essential Travel,” please refer to section 13.i. in the Santa Clara County order of the Health Officer dated March 31.

Bus Social Distancing Signs
Signs on bus seats remind riders to properly practice social distancing.


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