October 20, 2020
Survey for Small Businesses Near Future BART Phase II Alignment
Small businesses along VTA’s BART Phase II Project corridor – VTA needs to hear from you! With early construction work on VTA’s BART Phase II Project set to begin in 2022, the work to plan for...
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June 24, 2020
VTA First Agency to Submit Expedited Federal Funding Request for BART Phase II
Now that Phase I of the BART Silicon Valley Extension is open, with stations in Milpitas and Berryessa, all eyes are on Phase II – the six-mile, four-station project extending BART service into...
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April 17, 2020
Good News for VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Project
Over many months, VTA and BART have been sharply focused on overcoming hurdles that have tried to derail the long-time goal of bringing critical transportation solutions to Santa Clara County. At a...
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September 25, 2019
Transforming “Development” into “Community” - Draft TOCs Playbooks are Live
Curious about potential growth near each of the future BART Silicon Valley Phase II station areas? After almost two years of community engagement, station-area land use analysis and coordination with...
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September 20, 2019
VTA's BART Silicon Valley Progress Update
Both Phases of VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Extension Program are making notable progress. The 10-mile Berryessa Extension is on track to open at the end of the year. Throughout the summer VTA and BART...
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August 28, 2019
VTA Receives First of Its Kind Federal Funding Allocation
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Acting Administrator K. Jane Williams announced the allocation of $125 million to the Santa Clara Valley Transportation...
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August 21, 2019
VTA’s BART Phase II Small Business Study Kicks Off
One of VTA's priorities as part of the BART Silicon Valley Phase II Project is to ensure small businesses near construction zones will be able to conduct business during Project construction. Although...
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August 02, 2019
BART Silicon Valley: Where, When, What and How
The long-held vision of bringing BART service into Silicon Valley will become reality very soon when service on the 10-mile Berryessa Extension begins in just a few short months. The final stages of...
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June 24, 2019
VTA to Participate in First-of-its-Kind Federal Funding Pilot Program
VTA has been chosen as the first transit agency in the nation to begin discussions regarding a leading-edge federal funding pilot program. Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Acting Administrator K...
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