How do I pay for parking at VTA's Milpitas and Berryessa Transit Centers?

There are three ways to pay for parking. All options require you to provide your vehicle license plate number or the last eight digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN), which is then tracked for enforcement purposes. You do not need to display a tag or receipt on your vehicle’s windshield.

  1. Online (For daily, long-term, and monthly permits): You are able to create a parking account on a dedicated website for up to two vehicles. Visit to create an account. On the website, you can set up online payments for an entire month at a discounted rate so no further payment will be required when you park. You also have the option of paying for long-term parking and parking one day at a time.
    While you can have two vehicles registered to your parking account, you are only allowed to park one vehicle at the site at a time. If more than one vehicle is parked in a garage or surface lot, each additional vehicle parked will receive a parking ticket.
  2. Passport Parking App (For daily permit only): You can also download the Passport Parking app to pay for parking. You can use a credit or debit card for payment.
  3. On-Site Pay Stations (For daily and long-term permits): You can also pay for parking at pay stations located on the ground floor of the garage and at surface lot entrances. The pay stations accept cash ($1 or $5 bills), credit cards, or debit cards for payment.  No change is provided. Change machines are provided on-site to break larger bills into smaller bills.