2016 Measure B Citizens' Oversight Committee


MBCOC Public Hearing

You are invited and encouraged to provide input on 2016 Measure B Program expenditures  and the results of the annual performance audit at the

2016 Measure B Citizens’ Oversight Committee’s (MBCOC) public hearing:

Wednesday, May 24, 2023 @ 12:00 p.m.

2016 Measure B Citizens' Oversight Committee (MBCOC)

Voters, by approving Measure B in November 2016, entrusted the MBCOC with oversight to ensure that 2016 Measure B funds are being spent consistent with the ballot language and to inform voters on Program compliance. The 2016 Measure B ballot further specified that this committee, among its other duties, would be responsible for: (A) having an audit conducted annually by an independent auditor; and (B) issuing annual reports to inform the residents of Santa Clara County residents on how the funds are being spent.

The MBCOC is comprised of eight (8) membership positions representing specific areas of expertise needed to assist the Committee in fulfilling its responsibilities. Key factors of membership and the appointment process are:

  • Application process is open and competitive.
  • Selection process seeks a balance of relevant professional experience.
  • Candidates must be registered to vote in Santa Clara County
  • Term is four years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Additional information on the MBCOC’s roles and responsibilities and the membership appointment process is available at 2016 MBCOC Bylaws. To submit an application to serve on the MBCOC, please visit the 2016 MBCOC Appointment Application.

2016 MBCOC Annual Reports
2016 Measure B Performance Audits
Input Received at MBCOC Public Hearings