4th of July Additional Light Rail Service


On the 4th of July, VTA will be running a special light rail schedule for the holiday. VTA will operate on the Sunday/Holiday schedule on the Green, Blue, and Orange Lines until 8 p.m., with additional cars added to most trains. Extra service will be provided between Santa Teresa and Winchester to Civic Center and back starting at 8 p.m. with a 15-minute frequency. The Green Line will serve the Convention Center Station, and the Blue Line will serve both the Convention Center and Children’s Discovery Museum Stations. 

  • Post-event light rail service for Downtown San Jose will be as follows: 

Passengers headed towards Winchester or Old Ironsides/Mountain View on the Green Line will board at the Convention Center Station. Passengers headed towards Santa Teresa or Baypointe/Alum Rock on the Blue Line should board at the Children’s Discovery Museum Station. A line of trains will be staged in each direction to allow for maximum passenger loading and minimize wait times.  

  • Service after the Great America Fireworks Show will be as follows: 

The schedule is designed so that a train will service the Great America station in both directions shortly after the end of the Great America fireworks show.


Blue Line (Northbound)
Santa Teresa Station Snell Station Ohlone-Chynoweth Station Capitol Station Tamien Station Convention Center Station Santa Clara Station Civic Center Station Metro Station Tasman Station Baypointe Station
7:03p 7:07p 7:12p 7:15p 7:20p 7:26p 7:31p 7:38p 7:43p 7:52p 7:55p
7:33p 7:37p 7:42p 7:45p 7:50p 7:56p 8:01p 8:08p 8:13p 8:22p 8:25p
7:51p 7:55p 8:00p 8:03p 8:08p 8:14p 8:19p 8:26p      
8:03p 8:07p 8:12p 8:15p 8:20p 8:26p 8:31p 8:38p 8:43p 8:52p 8:55p
8:21p 8:25p 8:30p 8:33p 8:38p 8:44p 8:49p 8:56p      
8:33p 8:37p 8:42p 8:45p 8:50p 8:56p 9:01p 9:08p 9:13p 9:22p 9:25p
8:51p 8:55p 9:00p 9:03p 9:08p 9:14p 9:19p 9:26p      
9:03p 9:07p 9:12p 9:15p 9:20p 9:26p 9:31p 9:38p 9:43p 9:52p 9:55p
9:33p 9:37p 9:42p 9:45p 9:50p 9:56p 10:01p 10:08p 10:13p 10:22p 10:25p
          10:08p 10:13p 10:20p 10:25p 10:34p 10:37p
10:04p 10:08p 10:13p 10:16p 10:21p 10:27p 10:32p 10:39p 10:44p 10:52p 10:55p
Blue Line (Southbound)
Baypointe Station Tasman Station Metro Station Civic Center Station Santa Clara Station Convention Center Tamien Station Capitol Station Ohlone-Chynoweth Station Snell Station Teresa Station
7:31p 7:33p 7:42p 7:48p 7:56p 8:01p 8:08p 8:13p 8:16p 8:20p 8:25p
8:01p 8:03p 8:12p 8:18p 8:26p 8:31p 8:38p 8:43p 8:46p 8:50p 8:55p
8:31p 8:33p 8:42p 8:48p 8:56p 9:01p 9:08p 9:13p 9:16p 9:20p 9:25p
9:01p 9:03p 9:12p 9:18p 9:26p 9:31p 9:38p 9:43p 9:46p 9:50p 9:55p
          9:58p 10:05p 10:10p 10:13p 10:17p 10:22p
9:31p 9:33p 9:42p 9:48p 9:56p 10:01p 10:08p 10:13p 10:16p 10:20p 10:25p
          10:19p 10:26p 10:31p 10:34p 10:38p 10:43p
10:01p 10:03p 10:12p 10:17p 10:25p 10:30p 10:36p 10:41p 10:44p 10:48p 10:53p
Green Line (Northbound)
Winchester Station Bascom Station Fruitdale Station Diridon Station Convention Center Santa Clara Civic Center Metro Station Tasman Station
6:53p 6:58p 7:00p 7:05p 7:11p 7:16p 7:23p 7:28p 7:37p
7:23p 7:28p 7:30p 7:35p 7:41p 7:46p 7:53p 7:58p 8:07p
7:53p 7:58p 8:00p 8:05p 8:11p 8:16p 8:23p 8:28p 8:37p
8:05p 8:10p 8:12p 8:17p 8:23p 8:28p 8:35p    
8:23p 8:28p 8:30p 8:35p 8:41p 8:46p 8:53p 8:58p 9:07p
8:48p 8:53p 8:55p 9:00p 9:06p 9:11p 9:18p    
8:53p 8:58p 9:00p 9:05p 9:11p 9:16p 9:23p 9:28p 9:37p
9:23p 9:28p 9:30p 9:35p 9:41p 9:46p 9:53p 9:58p 10:07p
9:53p 9:58p 10:00p 10:05p 10:11p 10:16p 10:23p 10:28p 10:37p
Green Line (Southbound)
Baypointe Station Tasman Station Metro Station Civic Center Station Santa Clara Station Convention Center Station Diridon Station Fruitdale Station Bascom Station Winchester Station
  7:48p 7:57p 8:03p 8:11p 8:16p 8:22p 8:27p 8:29p 8:34p
  8:18p 8:27p 8:33p 8:41p 8:46p 8:52p 8:57p 8:59p 9:04p
  8:48p 8:57p 9:03p 9:11p 9:16p 9:22p 9:27p 9:29p 9:34p
  9:18p 9:27p 9:33p 9:41p 9:46p 9:52p 9:57p 9:59p 10:04p
      9:54p 10:00p 10:05p 10:11p 10:16p 10:18p 10:23p
  9:48p 9:57p 10:03p 10:11p 10:16p 10:22p 10:27p 10:29p 10:34p
10:20p 10:29p 10:34p 10:42p 10:47p 10:53p 10:58p 11:00p 11:05p