Bikes and the Berryessa Extension


You can ride your bike to both the Milpitas and Berryessa Transit Centers using bike lanes, cycle tracks and trails.

Once you arrive you can either park your bike at the Transit Center or take it on the train or bus and use it to arrive at your destination. Visit BART’s guide if you plan on taking a bike on a BART train.

Bicycle Access

Berryessa Road and Mabury Road now have on-street bike lanes leading onto a 12-foot-wide cycle track. This track runs parallel to the new station entrance street, Berryessa Station Way, connecting with Mabury and Berryessa Roads and the Upper Penitencia Creek regional trail system.

Upper Penitencia Creek Trail was extended from King Road into the Transit Center. This paved trail is part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, a system that connects communities, parks, and open space preserves.

Bike lanes are currently available on East Capitol Avenue, with a new cycle track, or separated bikeway, connects you to the station along South Milpitas Boulevard.

There are plans to connect the Transit Center to the Upper Berryessa Creek Trail along South Milpitas Boulevard in the future.

Bicycle Parking

Parking your Bicycle

Once you arrive at a Transit Center, you can either take your bike on BART or VTA or you can park. There are three ways to park your bike:

  • U-racks – standard outdoor racks free of charge (don’t forget your lock!)
  • Outdoor Bike Lockers – secure, on-demand lockers that are available on a first-come, first serve basis that users open with a prepaid BikeLink card
  • Indoor Bicycle Stations – secure, self-serve indoor facility that users access with a prepaid BikeLink card

At the Milpitas Transit Center, there is capacity for up to 211 bicycles, including 6 U-racks (for up to 12 bikes), 12 bike lockers (capacity for up to 24 bikes), and room for 185 bikes in the indoor bicycle station. Bicycle parking is located near the southwest side of the BART station, under the light rail pedestrian overcrossing

At the Berryessa Transit Center, there is space for a total of 219 bicycles, including room for 12 bikes on U-racks, five bike lockers to accommodate up to 10 bikes, and room for 181 bikes in the indoor bicycle station. A Bay Wheels bikeshare station with 31 bikes is also located at the Berryessa Transit Center. U-racks and bike lockers are south of the BART station, and the indoor bicycle station is north of the BART station.

If you are parking your bike, make sure it is locked well. Record your bike’s serial number along with a description of the bike. This will greatly increase your chance of recovery if it is stolen. Also check out the San Francisco Bike Coalition’s excellent video on how to lock your bike properly, or see this handy guide provided by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

BikeLink Cards

To use the bike lockers and indoor bicycle station, you will need a BikeLink card. There are two ways to get a card:

Once you have a BikeLink card, you will need to activate it on the website and add value. Bike parking will be $.05/hour for a bike locker and $.02/hour for the indoor bicycle station. Weekend and night parking will be $.02/hour.

To use at bike lockers and bike stations, ride up to an available locker and insert your BikeLink card into the card slot. Follow on-screen directions to put time on the meter. The cost is automatically deducted from your BikeLink card. Park your bike inside, close the door, and your bike remains secure. When you return to retrieve your bike, insert your BikeLink card into the slot to open the door. Unused time and value are automatically refunded back to the card.

For more information, check out the frequently asked questions on the BikeLink website.