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Back to Work with VTA: Vanpool

Returning to the office is the perfect opportunity to rethink your daily commute.

Things are looking bright this Spring! As the Omicron variant subsides, Santa Clara County residents begin to return to a regular cadence in life. Whether it’s back to school or back to the office, we want to remind folks of some programs VTA recently launched that can help commuters save money, commute sustainably, and reduce wear and tear on their personal vehicle.

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Do you have coworkers or classmates heading the same way you are to work or school? Consider starting a vanpool through VTA’s Pilot Vanpool Subsidy Program. VTA will provide vanpools traveling within Santa Clara County with an extra $350 a month towards the cost of a vanpool vehicle.

This $350 allowance matches a $350 subsidy provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to all Bay Area vanpools, so Santa Clara County vanpools must join MTC’s program to qualify for VTA’s subsidy. With the cost of a vanpool lease ranging from $1,000 – to $1,500 a month, a $700 discount can go a long way in making vanpooling a cost-effective commuting option.

“The reason why our team chooses to vanpool over driving solo is the communication within the vanpool group. The enjoyment of talking with others and the company. It also helps with the cost of fuel since the gas price has increased and the use of carpool lanes to avoid as much traffic" says Nam Vien from Standford University who is participating in the program.

AAA recently reported the average price per gallon of regular gas has surged to $5.79 in Santa Clara County. For folks already enrolled in VTA’s Pilot Vanpool Subsidy Program, the benefits of commuting together are clear. Collectively, vanpool program participants have saved over $10,850 in fuel costs thanks to the over 2,200 trips taken and more than 20,000 miles driven together since our first vanpool started in September 2021!

table comparing gas and dollars savings by using vanpool

Our vanpoolers are also eco-champions! By commuting together, participants reduce the number of cars on the road. Less driving means less CO­2 in our atmosphere, making our communities healthier and happier.

Vanpooling is the smart option for savvy commuters. Form your vanpool group and start saving on your daily commute!

To apply with your own vanpool group, visit and select the MTC Program Application. Fill out the required contact and route information and submit the completed application to

Need help forming a vanpool group? Our partners at Commute with Enterprise will help match you with vanpool groups that may have similar commutes to you.

You can also call VTA customer service at (408) 321-2300 or email with any questions, and VTA staff would be happy to help! Apply today!

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