We want to hear from you regarding the Blossom Hill Station Access Study
Blossom Hill Station Access Survey – Why We Need Your Input
Kathleen Podrasky

How do you use the Blossom Hill Station? This might seem like an odd question during a shelter-in-place and transit limited to essential trips only. However, with restrictions beginning to ease, we want to be sure transit riders who use the Blossom Hill Station and neighbors are represented in the planned transit oriented development at that station  

Do you/will you walk, ride your bike, park your car and take transit, or using an employer shuttle? Looking forward, what improvements would enhance the station or ensure you feel as safe as possible? Is the station accessible to you? You can provide this input and more in our new opinion survey.

At a 2019 community meeting, VTA received valuable feedback regarding station accessibility. Now, we’re hoping to add to that with this new Blossom Hill Station Access Study, which is focused on identifying further recommendations and projects to improve how you get to and from the  station to catch your bus or light rail train.

VTA hopes to build on the previous ideas including improvements to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, parking, bus transit and signage.

Please tell us in the survey:

  1. What recommendation you like most. 
  2. If you feel something was missed, or what else should be considered?

Providing feedback is interactive and easy and will only take a few minutes.  

Since it is too soon to have the typical in-person gatherings we normally hold, our information gathering is entirely virtual so please participate. Your voice is valuable!

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