Colorful Pedestrian Bridge Now Graces Montague Expressway
Colorful Pedestrian Bridge Now Graces Montague Expressway
Karen Gauss

If you've driven on Montague Expressway near the Milpitas Great Mall since mid-July, you've likely seen the brand new colorful pedestrian bridge that was recently hoisted and now spans the roadway. On July 11, two large cranes each lifted and rotated the rainbow-adorned truss segments into place, while work crews fastened the pieces together. The event was captured on this time-lapse video. An entire album of photos and several other short videos is also available here.

With traffic on Montague Expressway detoured around the site, crews worked through the weekend to secure the truss segments onto their supporting columns and to each other. Workers also poured the concrete walkway. The overcrossing will remain closed for finishing work, to including the completion of an elevator and stair access near Piper Drive, installing fire alarms, roofing, drainage, the remaining decorative fins, CCTV, internal lighting, and street restoration. This important pedestrian and bike connection from the Milpitas Transit Center and BART Station to the Great Mall is slated to open to the public in February of 2021. For more information, visit

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