on ramp to highway 101
Improvements at Two Busy Highway 101 Exits Nearing Completion

Entering and exiting Highway 101 will be a lot less stressful as work approaches completion on two busy, and previously crowded, ramps. 

The southbound (SB) US 101 diagonal on-ramp at Story Road and the SB US 101 to SB State Route (SR) 87 freeway to freeway connector ramp have both been closed overnight this week to allow workers to complete finishing touches on work that’s been ongoing for the last 6 months. Overnight closures are expected to last through Friday, September 9.  And then…smoother sailing is expected for commuters! 

steamroller on road

At 101/87, near Mineta San Jose International Airport, the project widened the existing freeway to freeway connector ramp to provide two standard 12-foot lanes with standard inside and outside shoulders; reconstructed a lined drainage ditch; and installed a new Traffic Monitoring System (TMS). 

At the Story Road on-ramp, the project widened the existing diagonal on-ramp to add a standard 12-foot High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane. The adjacent collector-distributor (C-D) lane will also be restriped to add a standard 12-foot HOV lane. Additionally, the project extends a reinforced concrete box culvert and adds new ramp metering equipment. 

Your tax dollars at work, this project was funded by 2016 Measure B and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission through Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways (SAFE) funds. 

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