Measure A FY2019
Measure A Tax Dollars Spent in FY 2019 Okayed by Citizens Watchdog Committee
Ken Blackstone

In approving Measure A back in 2000, Santa Clara County voters entrusted the Citizens Watchdog Committee, comprised of fellow community members, with overseeing its expenditures to ensure sales tax dollars are spent as intended by the ballot. The CWC fulfilled its ballot-defined duties and, after thorough and careful consideration, concluded that 2000 Measure A tax dollars were spent in accordance with the intent of the Measure for the FY 2019 period.

Read the CWC FY19 Comprehensive Report to the Public.

In November 2000, Santa Clara County voters approved Measure A, a 30-year, half-cent sales tax for specific public transit capital improvement projects and operations. In its 13th year, VTA has achieved significant results toward meeting Measure A goals including:

  • Extending BART to Milpitas, San Jose and Santa Clara
  • Improved Bus Service in Major Corridors
  • Extended Light Rail from Downtown San Jose to the East Valley


Article submitted by the VTA Office of the Board Secretary

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